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  • Project Title: Urban Spaces Design, Mobility and Transport Safety of Children in Nairobi and Kumasi Cities Project

    The project focuses on the safety of children within urban spaces in Nairobi and Kumasi cities. Even though studies continue to show that hundreds of people either die or sustain injuries from accidents on African roads, little is documented on children yet they constitute a significant group of urban space users. The fact that child pedestrians especially school-going ones are not able to exercise their choice and voice on road safety issues makes them more vulnerable compared to other road users. Interrogating the various forms of urban spaces design and their linkage to children safety will provide useful insights for ensuring equity in urban mobility and access in the two cities and beyond.  

  • Project Title: Informal Workers Organisation and Social Protection (SPIWORK) Project

    The Informal Workers Organisation and Social Protection research project is a four-year project (2017-2020) being implemented by the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) of the University of Nairobi in collaboration with Roskilde University in Denmark, and Mzumbe University in Tanzania. The overall aim is to understand whether belonging to associations and groups facilitates informal workers’ enrolment in social protection programmes (both formal and informal), and whether this enhances their access to social protection benefits including, those that relate to their working conditions.  This is done with the understanding that the informal sector is exposed to serious inadequacies in the areas of workers’ rights, economic support, voice and representation and social protection. Consequently, the research seeks to address the following questions:

  • Project Title: Survival, Learning and Development of Capabilities. Case Studies of East African Social Enterprises under Emergency and Acceleration

    The purpose of the study is to produce case studies of four East-African enterprises, with a focus on how participating enterprises develop during the combined effects of the accelerator programme and emergency support.

  • Project Title: Diaspora Humanitarianism in Complex Crisis

    This collaborative research project explores how Somali diaspora groups mobilize, channel and deliver humanitarian assistance to Somalia during complex humanitarian crises.

  • Project Title: World Economic Forum's Executive Opinion Survey

    The Survey provides a yearly evaluation of critical aspects of competitiveness for which statistical data is missing because it is either impossible or extremely difficult to measure on a global scale. The aim of the Survey is to capture reality as best as possible, and business leaders are arguably the best positioned to assess these aspects.

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