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Survival, Learning and Development of Capabilities. Case Studies of East African Social Enterprises under Emergency and Acceleration

IDS Role:

To conduct case studies that contribute to the global efforts of supporting the social enterprise community such as the COVID-19 Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs.

Project Description:

The purpose of the study is to produce case studies of four East-African enterprises, with a focus on how participating enterprises develop during the combined effects of the accelerator programme and emergency support.

Project Lead / PI:
Dr. Radha Upadhyaya
Research Fellow and PI
More Information about the project:
Collaboration nature of the project:

The project is a partnership between IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and the Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi.

Project Thematic Pillar:
Economy, international processes, and Development
Project Sub-theme:
Entrepreneurship and development
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