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IDS hosts students from the American University-Washington DC on a visit to Kenya

The Institute for Development Studies (IDS) was privileged to host students from the American University-Washington DC on a visit to Kenya. Dr Angela Pashayan from American University - Washington DC led the discussion on Community-led Development.

IDS Holds Seminar on “Fashion Designers as Lead Firms from Below: Creative Economy, State Capitalism, and Internationalization in Lagos and Nairobi"
African fashion reveals intersections between upgrading, manufacturing and internationalization alongside expanding cultural, political and social influence.
IDS-UON, Amnesty International Kenya, and The Platform Magazine host the 2024 human rights conference
The conference discussed topics covered in the Amnesty International Global Annual Report, including extrajudicial executions and enforced disappearances, conflict, the right to protest, the Right to health and a healthy environment, and freedom of expression and assembly.
IDS trains Research Assistants ahead of Afrobarometer Round 10 survey in Kenya
The Institute for Development Studies-UoN organized a 6-day training for 78 enumerators or research assistants from all over the country. This is ahead of the Afrobarometer Round 10 survey in Kenya.
The discussant recommended that it may be good if, in the entire research, there was a clear distinction between aspects of dignity that are physical and those non-physical/psychological.
IDS holds a successful seminar on “The Moral Economy of Camel Milk Marketing”
Our investigation uncovers how CMM networks are embedded within the local social, cultural, and political context and how these networks strengthen rural-urban connections, supporting the livelihoods of marginalized groups.
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