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Urban Spaces Design, Mobility and Transport Safety of Children in Nairobi and Kumasi Cities Project

IDS Role:

To explore the manifestation and links between urban spaces planning (i.e. road designs and child safety) in Nairobi City.

Project Description:

The project focuses on the safety of children within urban spaces in Nairobi and Kumasi cities. Even though studies continue to show that hundreds of people either die or sustain injuries from accidents on African roads, little is documented on children yet they constitute a significant group of urban space users. The fact that child pedestrians especially school-going ones are not able to exercise their choice and voice on road safety issues makes them more vulnerable compared to other road users. Interrogating the various forms of urban spaces design and their linkage to children safety will provide useful insights for ensuring equity in urban mobility and access in the two cities and beyond.  

Project Lead / PI:
Dr. Anne W. Kamau
Research Fellow and PI

Project team

Project contacts

Dr. Anne W. Kamau Research Fellow and PI, Institute for Development Studies (IDS) Email:;

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Project Report

More Information about the project:

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Collaboration nature of the project:

The project is being implemented jointly by the Institute for Development Studies (IDS), University of Nairobi (Kenya) and the Department of Geography and Regional Planning, University of Cape Coast (UCC) Ghana.

Project Thematic Pillar:
Economy, international processes, and Development
Project Sub-theme:
Urbanization, migration, and inclusive transport
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