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Governance and Political Economy of Development Projects

  • Project Title: Safeguarding Democratic Spaces in Kenya (SADES-K)

    Safeguarding Democratic Space in Kenya (SADES-K) is a three year USAID funded project, whose goals is to enhance Kenya’s ability to hold a national conversation on governance reforms and national cohesion, and safeguard democratic gains. The project is implemented by Family Health International (FHI 360). Over the sub-contract period, IDS monitored national conversations on governance reforms, national cohesion, media freedom, and civic space in the country. This includes regular conduct of policy-oriented research to show progress in the implementation of the Building Bridges Initiatives (BBI). It also includes monitoring media conversations to inform the SADES-K project. A second component of the sub-contract is to conduct a national opinions survey to assess public perceptions on key governance issues in the country. ​​​​​​


  • Project Title: Decentralisation, inclusive citizenship and governing elites in Africa and the Arab region

    This project examines how decentralisation impacts relations between citizens and the state and the incentives of elites to provide public goods. The study analyses the conditions under which elites constrain or support reforms that promote the provision of public goods. Finally, the project identifies lessons that sub-Saharan African countries (Kenya and Zimbabwe) and those in the Arab world (Morocco and Tunisia) can learn from each other on how to build inclusive citizenship.

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