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Discussion Papers

Discussion Papers




*DP 1

C.W. Howe; H. Karani

A Statistical Projection Model the Kenya Economy. 1965. (8 pp)

*DP 2

J.U. Heyer

A Linear Programming Model for Peasant Agriculture in Kenya. 1965.  (17 pp) (Updated version in Food Research Institute Studies, 190 (1). 1971, 55-67).

DP 3

K.G.V. Krishna

The Industrial Sector in Kenya’s Plan 1965.  (14 pp)

*DP 4

J.S. Price

International Burden Sharing.

*DP 5


The Capacity of Kenya Agriculture to Absorb Increased Population. 1965. (22 pp)

DP 6

J. Kamau

Problems of African Business Enterprises.January 1965 (11 pp)

*DP 7

C.W. Howe

Lower-Middle Income African Consumer Behaviour: Nairobi.  1965. (4 pp)

DP 8

J. Loxiey

Building Society Instability in Kenya February 1965. (20 pp)

DP 9

D.A. Lury

National Accounts Bibliography for East Africa, 1962-1964.  1965 (5 pp)

*DP 10

M Gaskin

Monetary Flexibility in Dependent Economies.  1965.  (15 pp)

DP 11

M. Gaskin

Recent Application of the Multiplier in Monetary Analysis.  June 1965.  (11 pp)

*DP 12

C.W. Howe

The Use of Sample Household Surveys in Economic Planning With Some Empirical Results for East Africa.  1965.  (20 pp) (Oxford University Institute of Economics And Statistics Bulletin 28(3) 1966,199-209).

*DP 13

W. Barber

Some Questions About Labour Force Analysis in Agrarian Economies with Particular Reference to Kenya.  August 1965.  (24 pp).

*DP 14

J.U. Heyer

Some Problems in the Valuation of Subsistence Output.  August 1965(14 pp)

*DP 15

D.A. Lury; A.A. Shah

Local Government in Kenya-Income and Expenditure. 1965. (East African Economic Review (New Series). 2 (1) June, 1966.1-18).

DP 16

R.H. Green

Projections, Projects and Procedure: Some Aspects of Planning for Implementation. November 1965.  (18 pp)

DP 17

N.O. Jorgensen

The Case for Co-operative and Loan Association in Kenya.  December 1965. (22 pp)

DP 18

D.A. Lury

Population Data in East Africa.December 1965.  (10 pp)

DP 19

H. Karani

Pricing and Marketing of Maize in Kenya December 1965.  (21 pp)

DP 20

B.F. Massell; J.U. Heyer, H. Karani

Maize Policy in Kenya.December 1965.  (15 pp)

DP 21

H. Klemm

Some Aspects of Milk Marketing in Kenya.January 1966.  (35 pp)

DP 22

D.F. Heisel

Measuring Current Population Changes January 1966.  (11 pp)

*DP 23

B.F. Massell

Elimination of Management Bias from Production Function Fitted to Cross-Section Data: A Model and an Application to African Agriculture. February 1966(26 pp)

DP 24

D.F. Heisel

The Rate of Population Change as a Variable in Development Planning.March 1966.  (18 pp)

* DP 25

B.F. Massell

Further Remarks on Maize Policy.March 1966.

DP 26

L.R. Cliffe

The Role of Adult Education in the Development of East Africa.  March.1966.  (9 pp)

DP 27

D.A. Lury

The Role of Mathematics in Economics March 1966.  (15 pp)

*DP 28

J.W. Harbeson

Land Resettlement and the Politics of Rural Development.  August 1966. (See Journal of Modern African Studies,9 (2) 1971, 231-251).

DP 29

B.F. Massell

Expenditure Patterns in the Central Province of Kenya: A Preliminary Analysis.  September 1966.  (15 pp)

*DP 30

H. Karani

A Projection Model for the Kenya Economy: Implications of the Kenya 1966.  (15 pp) (See East African Economic Review.  (New Series), 3 (1).  June, 1967,45-54).                                                 

DP 31

L.R. Cliffe; C. Gertzel;J.W. Harbeson;P. Marris; J. Nottingham

Proposals for Local Government Reform in Kenya.  November 1966 (14 pp)

*DP 32

B.F. Massell

Farm Management in Peasant Agriculture: an Empirical Study.  November 1966(16 pp)

*DP 33

D.F. Heisel

Demographic Trends and Educational Needs.  November 1966.  (8 pp).

DP 34

D. Rothchild

From Federalism to Neo-Federalism in East Africa.  December 1966. (23 pp)

*DP 35

J.U. Heyer

Alternative Development Strategies for Lowland Machakos Farms.  (Updated Version in Food Research Institute Studies,10 (1) 1971, 55-67).

*DP 36


The Effects of Elementary School Quality on Secondary School Achievement. December 1966.  (20 pp).

*DP 37

P. Marris

Lending Money.  12 pp. December 1966.  (20 pp)

*DP 38

J.W. Harbeson

Land Resettlement and Development Strategy in Kenya.  January 1967.  (See Journal of Modern African Studies, 9 (2) 1971, 231-251).

DP 39.A

J.E. Anderson

Primary School Leavers in Rural Areas.December 1966.  (23 pp)

DP 39.B

V. Alvis, P.  Temu

Marketing of Selected Food Crops in Kenya, Comprising Maize, Beans, English Potatoes.  Bananas.  December 1966. (8 pp)

DP 40


The Calculation of Small-holder Tea Fields in Kenya: Multiple Linear Regression Analysis.  December 1966. (6 pp)

DP 41

B.F. Massell

On Growth Models and Multipliers: The Case of the Missing Constraint.
December 1966.  (5 pp). (New Series), 3 (1) June, 1967, 73-76).
(East African Economic Review)


J.R. Clarke

Foreign Investment and Economic Growth The Case of Mr Newman.  December 1966. (5 pp)

DP 43

B.F. Massell

Some Remarks on the Theory of Effective Protection.  January 1967 (6 pp)

DP 44

B.F. Massell

Farm Management in Peasant Agriculture: An Empirical Study.  February 1967. (18 pp)

DP 45

J.R. Clarke

East Africa: Estimation of Import Duties on Transferred Goods.  February 1967. (7 pp)

DP 46

B.F. Massell

A Note on Two Sources of Bias in Estimating Income Elasticities from Cross-Section Date on Households Producing at Least Partly for Subsistence.February 1967.  (5 pp)

DP 47

N.O. Jorgensen

I.C.D.C: Its Purpose and Performance.April 1967 (19 pp)

*DP 48

B.F. Massell;J.U. Heyer

Household Expenditure in Nairobi A Statistical Analysis of Consumer Behaviour.  April 1967. (37 pp)

*DP 49

B.F. Massell

Determinants of Household Expenditure in Rural Kenya.  April 1967, (39 pp)

DP 50

D.P. Ghai

Analytical Aspects of an Income Policy for Kenya.  May 1967.  (20 pp).

DP 51

D.C. Rogers

Rate of Return to Education in the United States: A Theoretical and Empirical Study.June 1967.  (24 pp)

DP 52

J.W. Harbeson

The Kenya Little General Election: A Study in Problems of Urban Political Integration. June 1967.  (24 pp)

DP 53

F. Mitchell

The Economic Value of Wildlife Viewing As a Form of Land Use.July 1967. (13 pp)

DP 54

P. Robson

Economic Integration Between the Republic of South Africa and Botswana, Lesotho
and Swaziland.  July 1967.  (26 pp).
(Journal of Modern African Studies, 5. (4) 1967, 469-90)

DP 55

J. Miller

A Report on a Case Study for the Tinned Fruit and Vegetable Industry.  July 1967. (29 pp)

DP 56

R. Clarke

The Economic Value of Hunting and Out-Fitting in East Africa.  1967 (12 pp)(East African Agriculture and Forestry Journal, (Special Issue), 33 June, 1968,89-91)

DP 57

R. Posner

Preliminary Results of a Survey of Labour Force on Mixed Farms in Trans-Nzoia September 1967 (12 pp)

DP 58

L. Brownstein

 Preliminary Results of a Survey of 1964 K.P.E. Candidates in Embu, Kitui, Kericho and Nyanza.  November 1967.  (36 pp)

*DP 59

D.C. Rogers

The Returns to Investment in Higher Levels of Education in Kenya.  January 1968 (14 pp).

DP 60

M. Wheeler

Professional Fees in the Kenya Building Industry.  January 1968. (30 pp)

*DP 61

P. Marris

The Social Barriers to African Entrepreneurship.  January 1968.  (19 pp)

DP 62

D.F. Heisel

Fertility Limitation Among Women in Rural Kenya.  February 1968.  (17 pp)

DP 63

G.J. Smith

Ghana’s Economic Objectives and Performance.  February 1968 (49 pp)

*DP 64

Eighteen Economists

The Economics of Kenyanisation.February 1968.  (19 pp)

DP 65

D.P. Ghai

Strategy for A Public Sector Wage Policy in Kenya.  May 1968.  (13 pp)

*DP 66

D.P. Ghai

Income Policy in Kenya: Need, Criteria And Machinery.  June 1968.  (21 pp)

*DP 67

J.E. Anderson

Education for Self Reliance - The Impact of Self Help.  September 1968. (29 pp)

*DP 68

P.A. Diamond

Effective Protection of the East African Transfer Taxes.  September 1968. (20 pp) (East African Economic Review) (New Series), 4 (2).  December 1968, 37-48).

*DP 69

J.R. Harris;M.P. Todaro

A Two-Sector Model of Migration with Urban Unemployment in Developing Economies.  September 1968. (32 pp)

DP 70

T.J. Aldington, F.A. Wilson

Some Aspects of the Kenyan Beef Economy.  September 1968. (27 pp)

*DP 71

J.R. Harris,M.P. Todaro

Urban Unemployment in East Africa: An Economic Analysis of Policy Alternatives September 1968.  (25 pp)

DP 72

J.R. Harris,M.P. Todaro

Wage Policy and Employment in a Developing Economy.  November 1968.  (21 pp)

DP 73

D.P. Ghai, C. Hollen

The Industrial Court in Kenya: An Economic Analysis.  November 1968. (22 pp)

DP 74

L.D. Smith, T.J. Aldington

The Marketing of Rice in Kenya.November 1968.  (22 pp)

DP 75

J.R. Harris

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development.  May 1968. (39 pp)

*DP 76

P.A. Diamond

On the Economic of Tourism. January 1969(11 pp).  (East African EconomicReview) 1 (2).

DP 77

J.R. Harris

On the Economics of Law and Order.March 1969 (11 pp)

DP 78

J.R. Harris

Some Thoughts on a Housing Policy for Nairobi.  April 1969.  (15 pp)

DP 79

P. Diamond, M. Muturi

Report of the Air Freight Study Group June.  1969.  (50 pp)

*DP 80

J.R. Harris, F. Mitchell

A Further Note on Labour Migration.July, 1969/ (14 pp) (Kykios, 23 (3) 1970,585-592).

*DP 81

J.R. Harris

Wage Rate Determination with Limited Supplies of Labour in Developing Countries: A Comment. July 1969, (10 pp.)(Journal of Development Studies, 7 (2). January 1971, 197-200)

*DP 82

F. Mitchell

The Value of Tourism in East Africa.July 1969 (57 pp) (East African Economic Review), 2 (1).  June 1970, 1-2).

*DP 83

M.P. Todaro

Some Thoughts on the Transfer of Technology from Developed to less Developed Nations.  (East African Economic Review), 2 (1), June, 1970,53-64).

*DP 84

D.P. Ghai

The machinery of Planning in Kenya.October 1969.  (14 pp)

DP 85

L.D. Smith

Resource Allocation, Income Redistribution and Agricultural Pricing Policies in Kenya November 1969 (8 pp)

*DP 86


Tax Mobilisation and Government Development Financing in Kenya.November 1969.  (49 pp).  (East African Economic Review), 2 (2). December 1970, 15 - 29).

DP 87

F. Mitchell

Forecasts of Returns to Kajiado County Council for Masai Amboseli Game Reserve, 1970-2000.  November 1969. (12 pp).

DP 88

I.D. Carruthers

Issues in Selection and Design of Rural Water Projects.  December 1969. (15 pp)

*DP 89

R. Blackburn

A Preliminary Report of research on the Ogiek Tribe of Kenya.  January 1970. (13 pp)

*DP 90

E. Rado

Employment, Income Policy, Kenya’s New Development Plan.  February 1970 (8 pp) (East African Journal), 7 (3). March, 1970, 13-20).

DP 91

W.O. Oyugi

Administrative Aspects of Development Planning and Plan Implementation.February 1970. (29 pp)

DP 92

H. Rempel,J. Harris,M.P. Todaro

Rural to Urban Labour Migration.  A Tabulation of the Responses to the Questionnaire Used in the Migration Survey. March 1970. (180 pp)

*DP 93

R.K. Davis

Some Issues in the Evaluation, Organization and Operation of Group Ranches in Kenya.  June 1970 (16 pp)(East African Journal of Rural Development. 4 (1), 1971, 22-33).

DP 94

E.R. Rado, J. Morgan, D. Shepard

The Selection of Form-Four Leavers for
Further Education, Training and Employment.  June 1970. (28 pp)

DP 95

J.E. Anderson

Report on the Conference of Harambee School Headmasters.  August 1970 (17 pp)

DP 96


Financing Local Government Authorities in Kenya.  September 1970 (42 pp)

DP 97


Educational Research in Kenya: A Personal Viewpoint.  October 1970 (12 pp)

*DP 98

J. Rakowski

Tariffs and the Export of Home Goods Through Tourism.  October 1970. (17 pp)

*DP 99

D.P. Ghai

Employment Performance, Prospects and Policies in Kenya, September 1970. (12 pp)

DP 100

G.S. Fields

Least Squares Estimation of Relations and Systems of Relation Involving Categorical Dependent Variables.November 1970 (21 pp)

*DP 101

D.S. Shepard

One Way Analysis of Variance: Description of a Fortran Computer Programme.December 1970. (20 pp).  (Now published As IDS/TP/4)

DP 102

C. Leys

Politics in Kenya: The Development of Peasant Society.  December 1970. (33 pp)

DP 103

G.S. Fields

The Educational System of Kenya: An Economist’s View.  April 1971. (47 pp)

*DP 104

G.S. Fields

Private and Social Returns to Education In Labour Surplus Economics.  April 1971 (21 pp) (East African Economic Review, 4 (1) June 1972, 41-62).

DP 105

T.J. Aldington

Producer Incentives as a Means of Promoting Agriculture Development: A Case Study of Cotton in Kenya.  April 1971.  (35 pp)

*DP 106

D. Shepard; K Prewitt

Cross-Tabulation of Means: Description of Computer Programme   ‘S04B’ May 1971(35 pp) (Now published as IDS/TP/2).

*DP 107

H. Padfield

Issues in Development Research.  The Case of Water in Kenya.  May 1971, (20 pp)

DP 108

D. Court

An Inventory of Research on Education In Kenya.  May 1971. (35 pp) (Reissued in 1977)

DP 109

D.K. Leonard,H.W. Opindi,E.A. Luchemo,J.K. Tumwa

The Work Performance of Junior Agricultural Extension Staff in Western Province: Basic Tables.  June 1971(59 pp)

DP 110

D.K. Leonard

Methodological Notes on Quantification, Productivity and Groups in Administrative Research.  1971 (33 pp)

DP 111

P.R. Moock

The Vihiga S.R.D.P. Farm Level Survey: A Preliminary Report of Findings.  June 1971.  (69 pp).  Re-issued in 1978.

DP 112

B. Herman

Some Basic Data for Analysing the Political Economy of Foreign Investment In Kenya.  July 1971 (19 pp).

DP 113

P.N. Snowden

Preliminary Report on a Study of Company Savings in Kenya’s Manufacturing Sector.1971 (25 pp)

*DP 114

D. Brokensha, J. Nellis

Administration in Mbere: Portrait of a Rural Kenya Division.  1971 (17 pp).
(Journal of Admin. Overseas. 13(4) 1974,510-23 and 14(1) 1975, 17-29).

DP 115

G.E. Johnson

The Determination of Individual Hourly Earnings in Urban Kenya.  September 1971 (33 pp).

DP 116

W.J. House

Market Structure and Industry Performance: The Case of Kenya.  1971 (19 pp)

*DP 117

H.C.A. Somerset

Education Aspirations of Fourth-Form Pupils in Kenya.  September 1971 (45 pp)(See D. Court and D.P. Ghai, (eds).Education, Society and Development: New Perspectives for Kenya, (Nairobi, O.U.P.,1974).

DP 118

J.R. Ascroft

The Fertility Behaviour Differential: A Methodological Innovation in Fertility Research.  October 1971 (17 pp)

*DP 119

R. Chambers

Planning for Rural Areas in East Africa: Experience and Prescriptions.  November 1971. (27 pp) (See African Review, January 1972, 130-147)

*DP 120

D.P. Ghai

Africa, the Third World and The Strategy For International Development.  February 1972 (21 pp) (East African Economic Review, 3 (1) June 1971, 1-19).

*DP 121

D.P. Ghai

Perspectives on Future Economic Prospects And Problems in Africa.  December 1971. (32 pp). (M.J. Bhagwati, (ed.)Economies and World Order.  New York, MacMillan, 1971).

*DP 122

D.P. Ghai

Some Aspects of Social and Economic Progress and Policies in East Africa:1961-1971.  January 1972.  (29 pp)(In Ogot, B.A. & Kieran, J. (eds), Zamani, revised edition)

*DP 123

M.G. Phelps

Marketing Problems in Textiles and Garments in Nairobi.  1970

*DP 124

D.P. Ghai

The Concept and Strategies of Economic Independence in Africa. February 1972 (27 pp) (Journal of Modern African Studies. 1973).

*DP 125

J.E. Stiglitz

Alternative Theories of Wage Determination And Unemployment in LDCs: 1 - The Labour Turn-over Model. II - the Efficiency Wage Model.  Revised 1973.  77 pp.  (Quarterly Journal of Economics, 88(2), May, 1974,194-227).                                     

*DP 126

D/K. Leonard

The Social Structure of the Agricultural Extension Services in the Western Province of Kenya. January 1972. (19 pp) (See D. Leonard, Reaching the Peasant Farmer, Chicago, University of Chicago, University of Chicago Press,1977).

DP 127

P.M. Mbithi

Localising Youth Volunteer Development Service in Kenya.  January 1972. (30 pp)

*DP 128

D. Court

The Social Function of Formal Schooling: The Views of Foster and the Experience of Tanzania.  January 1972.  (30 pp)

*DP 129

G.D. Gwyer

East Africa and Three International Commodity Agreements: The Lessons of Experience.  February 1972. (27 pp)

*DP 130

K. King

Primary Schools in Kenya: Some Critical Constraints on Their Effectiveness.  May 1972.  (35 pp).

*DP 131

P.M. Mbithi

Issues in Rural Development in Kenya. November 1971.  (13 pp) (East African Journal, IX(3), March 1971. 18 p).

*DP 132

R.W. Tacker

Description of the Data Handling Programme S05L.  May 1972. (13 pp)(Now published as IDS/TP/3).

DP 133

J.R. Ascroft,F.E. Chege,J.F. Karuiki,N.G. Roling

Accelerating the Flow of New Ideas to Rural People: A Proposal for a Pilot Extension Training Project in Nyeri November 1971. (48 pp)

*DP 134

S.R. Lewis

Agricultural Taxation and Intersectoral Resource Transfers.  November 1971 (47 pp)

*DP 135

J.L. Moock

Pragmatism and the Primary School: The Case of the Non-Rural Village.  March 1972. (22 pp). (See Africa, 43(4) October, 1973.Pp. 302-16; also see D. Court and D.P. Ghai,(eds). Education, Society and Development: New Perspectives from Kenya. Nairobi, O.U.P., 1974).

*DP 136

J.H. Power

The Role of Protection in Industrialisation Policy.  April 1972. (31 pp) (East African Economic Review 4 (1), June 1972, Pp. 1-20).                   

DP 137

G.E. Johnson, W.E. Whitelaw

Urban-Rural Income Transfers in Kenya: Estimated Remittances Function.  June 1972.  (9 pp)

*DP 138

K. Kinyanjui

Education, Training and Employment of Secondary School Leavers in Kenya.  August 1972.  (34 pp).  (Education in Eastern Africa, 2 (1) 1971, 3-21; Also See D. Court and D.P. Ghai.  (eds), Education, Society and Development: New Perspectives from Kenya.  Nairobi, O.U.P., 1974).

*DP 139

R. Van Zwanenberg

History and Theory of Urban Poverty in Nairobi.  The Problem of Slum Development.  1972 (50 pp)

DP 140

S.R. Lewis

The Effects of Protection on the Growth Rate and the Need for External Assistance.  May 1972. (18 pp).

DP 141

P.N. Hopcraft

Outward-Looking Industrialisation: The Promotion of Manufactured Exports from Kenya. September 1972. (22 pp)

*DP 142

D.E. Black

Description of a Program which Projects Employment and Output for Nairobi and Kenya. 1972. (5 pp) (Now published as IDS/ TP/4).

*DP 143

W. Elkan, L. Naulty

The Economic Links Between Kenya. and Tanganyika. July 1972. (24 pp)(in Oxford History of East Africa. Vol.3. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1976).

*DP 144

P.M. Mbithi,B. Wisner

Drought and Famine in Kenya: Magnitude and Attempted Solutions July 1972. (45 pp)

*DP 145

D.P. Ghai

State Trading and Regional Economic Integration: The East African Experience.August 1972 (25 pp) (Journal of Common Market Studies, March 1974).

*DP 146

D.P. Ghai

The Association Agreement Between the European Economic Community and the Partner States of the East African Community.  August 1972 (51 pp) (Journal of Common Market Studies, 12 (1) September 1973, 78-1(3).

*DP 147

M.G. Phelps, B. Wasow

Measuring Protection and its Effects in Kenya. 1972 (34 pp)

DP 148

V. Vinnai

The System of exchange Control in Kenya September 1972 (25 pp)

DP 149

H. Pack

Employment and Productivity in Kenyan Manufacturing.  August 1972. (25 pp)(East African Economic Review 4 (2)December 1972)

DP 150

J. Tobin

The Economy of China: A Tourist’s View November 1972. (17 pp)

DP 151

J.H. Power

Protection and Employment: a Macro-Economic Approach.  November 1972(28 pp)

DP 152


Analysis of Continued Semi-Nomadism on the Kaputiei Maasai Group Ranches.1972 (35 pp)

*DP 153

G. Gwyer

Trends in Kenya Agriculture in Relation to Employment.  November 1972 (20 pp)

DP 154

D.K. Leonard

Organisational Structures for Productivity in Kenya Agricultural Extension.December 1972. (24 pp)

*DP 155

D. Court, K. Prewitt

Nation versus Region: Social Learning in Kenyan Secondary Schools.  November 1972. (15 pp) (British Journal of Political Science 4, 1974, 109-120).

*DP 156

D. Court

Dilemmas in Development: The Village Polytechnic as a Shadow System of Education in Kenya, 1972. (19 pp)(Comparative Education Review 17, 1973).

*DP 157

K Prewitt

Education and Social Equality in Kenya.1972.  (17 pp)

DP 158

P.M. Mbithi

Innovation in Rural Development.December 1872.  (17 pp)

DP 159

J.M. Gachuhi

Kenya Youth: Their Sexual Knowledge and Practice.  December 1972. (48 pp)

DP 160

C.M. Kamau

The Search for Economic Independence in Kenya.  December 1972.  (39 pp)

DP 161

D. Belshaw; R. Chambers

A Management Systems Approach to Development.  January 1973. (34 pp)

DP 162

D. Belshaw R. Chambers

PIM: A Practical Management System for Implementing Rural Development Programmes and Projects.  January,

*DP 163

W. Oyugi

Participation in Development Planning The Local Level. February 1973 (20 pp)(In Leonard, D. (ed.) Rural Administration in Kenya.  Nairobi, E.A.L.B. 1973).

*DP 164


Notes on the Economic Theory of Expulsion and Expropriation.  March 1973.  (14 pp) (Journal of Development
Economics, 1(1) June 1974, 7-18).

DP 165

V. Vinnai

Kenya’s External Trade, 1964-71. April 1973 (34 pp)

DP 166

D. Belshaw, T.J. Bjorio, M.M. Shah

Hierarchical Systems Formulation of the Rural Development Process in Developing Countries.  February 1973.  (21 pp)

DP 167

B. Wisner, P.M. Mbithi

Drought in Eastern Kenya: Comparative Observations of Nutritional Status.  1973(28 pp)

DP 168

W. Elkan

Is a Proletariat Emerging in Nairobi? 1973. (16 pp).

DP 169

E.M. Godfrey

Technical and Vocational Training in Kenya and the Harambee Institutes of technology.  June 1973. (58 pp).

DP 170

J.H. Power

Tax Reform and Industrialisation Policy: A Comment on Recent Development in Kenya.  1973 (12 pp)

DP 171


Estimates of Sectoral Capital/Output Ratios for Kenya.  1973 (12 pp)

*DP 172

D.E. Black

An Employment and Output Projection Model for Kenya and Nairobi.  June 1973 (29 pp).  (Now published as IDS/TP/4).

DP 173

N. Roling, F. Chege, J. Ascroft

Rapid Development for Kenya’s Small Farms.  July 1973.  (12 pp)

*DP 174

R. Engle, T.C.I. Ryan, J. Abbatt

The ICL Regression Package (Programme XDS3).  August 1973 (31 pp)(Now published as IDS/TP/5).

DP 175

J.M. Gachuhi

Family Planning in Kenya: Programme and Problems.  August 1973.  (11 pp)

DP 176

F.A. Wilson

Some Economic Aspects of the Structure and Organisation of Small-Scale Marketing Systems.  Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables in Kenya.  September 1973. (13 pp)

*DP 177

R.C. Porter

Some Doubts About Kenya’s Future as an Exporter of Manufactures.  September 1973.  (35 pp).  (East African Economic
Review 6 (1) June 1974, 44-69)

DP 178

J.M. Gachuhi

Venereal Disease and Society. September 1973. (23 pp)

DP 179

M. Chege

Systems Management and the Plan Implementation Process in Kenya. November 1972 (22 pp)

DP 180

V. Vinnai

The Role of the Development Finance Company of Kenya in the Industrialisation Process.  November 1973. (18 pp)

DP 181

V.C. Collier
H. Rempel

The Divergence of Private from Social Costs in Rural-Urban Migration: A Case Study of Nairobi, Kenya.  June 1973 (20 pp)

DP 182

J. Handa

Some Aspects of the Political Economy of Agricultural Societies.  October 1973. (34 pp)

DP 183

D.P. Ghai

Population Growth, Labour Absorption and Income Distribution.  March 1974 (21 pp)

*DP 184


Who Goes to Secondary School, Efficiency. Equity and Relevance in Secondary School Selection.  November 1973 (35 pp) (See Court D. and Ghai, D.P. (eds).  Education, Society and Development: New Perspectives From Kenya, Nairobi, O.U.P.

DP 185

M.J.  Westlake

Taxation and Contol of the Kenya Coffee Industry.  November 1973. (17 pp).

DP 186

J.R. King

Financial Policy in Kenya: The Background to the Reserve Crisis of 1971.  November 1973.  (45 pp)

*DP 187

D.P. Ghai

The Implications of E.E.C. Enlargementfor the Asian Commonwealth Countries February 1974.  (24 pp) (Commonwealth Economic Paper No. 2, 1973).

*DP 188

K. Kinyanjui

The opportunity of School Leavers Outside the Major towns of Kenya.  July 1974. (13 pp).  (Journal of Eastern Africa Research and Development 5 (1) 1975,65-97).

DP 189

J.M. Gachuhi

African Youth and Family Planning: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices.January 1974.  (15 pp).

*DP 190

J. Tobin

Technological Development and Employment.  January 1974. (30 pp)(East African Economic Review 6 (1)June 1974, 1-26).

DP 191

A.A. Rozental

Metropolitan Revenue Sources: The Nairobi Case.  December 1973.  (13 pp)

DP 192

H.H.A. Chabala,D.H. Kiiru,S.W. Mukuna

An Evaluation of Programming and Implementation Management (PIM)System.  January.  1974. (25 pp)

DP 193

M. Harper

A Prototype Experiment to Test the Possibility of a Cost-Effective Extension Service for Small-Scale General Retailers. January 1974. (22 pp)

DP 194

T.Y.  Shen

Organisation Input and Economic Development.  February 1974. (32 pp)

DP 195


Appraising Proposals for Water Supply Investments.  March 1974.  (26 pp)

DP 196

N.W. Temple

Housing Preferences and Policy in Kibera, Nairobi.  March 1974.  (47 pp)

DP 197

D. Ghai

Social Science Research on Development and Research Institutes in Africa.  April 1974.  (24 pp)

DP 198

B. Bolnick

Comparative Harambee: History and Theory of Voluntary Collective Behaviour April 1974.  (25 pp)

DP 199

G. Alibaruho

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