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Technical Papers

Technical Papers




TP 1

D.S. Shepard

One Way Analysis of Variance: Description of A Fortran Computer Programme.  December 1970(20 pp)

TP 2

D.S. Shepard

Cross-Tabulation of Means: Description Of Computer Programme ‘S04B’.  May 1971 (35 pp)

TP 3

R.W. Tacker

Description of the Data Handling Programme S05L May 1972. (13 pp)

TP 4.

D.E. Black

Description of a Programme Which Projects Employment and Output for Nairobi and Kenya July 1975.  (5 pp)

TP 5

R. Engle; T.C.I. Ryan; J. Abbat

The ICL Regression Package (Programme XCS3).  December 1977.  (31 pp)

TP 6

H. Rempel

On the Use of the Compucorp Statistician 344. May 1974. (7 pp)

TP 7.

B. Wasow; M. Cowen

Description of Two Fortran Programmes for Spearman’s Bank Correlation Coefficient. April 1974.  (20 pp)

TP 8

M. Norton- Griffiths; L. Pennycuick

Trend Surface Analysis MX23.  July 1974 (12 pp)

TP 9

T.C.I. Ryan

Non-linear Transformation and the Treatment of Strictly Non-positive Values of Variables.  November 1974.  (7 pp)

TP 10

Caroline Swartz

Notes on Single Output Translog Cost and Production Functions.  July 1977. (13 pp)

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