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Consultancy Report

Consultancy Report




CR  1

D.J. Campbell and S.E. Migot-Adholla

Mid Term Evaluation of Aspects of the Foot and Mouth Disease Control Programme In Kajiado and Narok Districts, Kenya. January 1979. 68pp.

* CR 2

D.J. Campbell; P.N. Hopcraft; J.T. Mukui and G.M. Ruigu

Integrated Framework for Project Appraisal in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands Pre-investment Survey Area in Baringo District: (Report to the Ministry of Agriculture, ASAL Branch). June 1979

CR 3.

W.M. Senga; W.J. House and M. Manundu

Assessment of Commercial Energy Supply and Demand in Kenya. March, 1980 95pp.

CR 4

S.E. Migot-Adholla; J.A. Nkinyangi (eds).

Food and Nutrition Planning in Kenya. January 1981. (156pp).

CR 5

J.A. Nkinyangi; J. Mbindyo

The Condition of Disabled Persons in Kenya: Results of a National Study. February 1982. (68pp).

CR 6

J. Vandermoortele; S.M. Ngola

The setting of a Minimum Wage and Its consequences Employment and Earnings In the Modern Sector in Kenya. February 1982. (19pp).

CR 7

S.E. Migot-Adholla; K.G.C. Mkangi; J. Mbindyo

Study of Tourism in Kenya: With Emphasis on the Attitude of Residents of the Kenya Coast. February 1982. (154pp).

CR 8

N. Ng’ethe; F.E. Chege (eds)

Arid and Semi-Arid Lands Pre-investment Study: Kitui/Embu/Meru. (Report to the Ministry of Agriculture, ASAL Branch) March 1982. Volume I:    Sectral Inventory. (162pp). Volume II:   Project Proposal. (162pp). Volume III:  Statistical Appendix. (98pp).

CR 9

S.E. Migot-Adholla; N. Ng’ethe; G.M. Ruigu

Report of the Final Evaluation of Foot And Mouth Disease Control Programme in Kajiado and Narok Districts, Kenya
1982.  (188pp). 

*CR 10.

P.O. Alila; S.E. Migot-Adholla; G.M. Ruigu

Evaluation of Small-Scale Irrigation in Tana South, Coast Province, 1982. (82pp).

CR 11.

G.M.Ruigu and P.O. Alila

Co-operative Farming in Nandi, South Nyanza Nyandarua: FISS Baseline Studies, March 1982.

CR 12.

J. Vandermoortele

The Wage Policy in Kenya: Past, Present and Future. June 1984, (28pp)

*CR 13.

G.M. Ruigu; K. Kinyanjui

Training and Education for Agricultural Development in Kenya. December 1983. (19pp).

*CR 14.

G.M. Ruigu; P.O. Alila; P.A. Chitere

Bura Irrigation Settlement Project: A Social Economic Survey. August 1984. (156pp)

*CR 15.

G. Ndua; N. Ng’ethe

Education, Training and Welfare in the Informal Sector: A Study of Carpentry and Metal Work in the Eastlands of Nairobi: Kenya. November 1984. (92pp).

CR 16

N. Ng’ethe; J. Wahome; G. Ndua

The Rural Informal Sector in Kenya: Report of a Survey in Nyeri, Meru, Uasin Gishu and Siaya Districts. 1987. (176pp)

CR 17


Kenya Human Development Report 2001 Addressing Social and Economic Disparities.  2001 (92 pp.) Pbk

CR 18


Third Kenya Human Development Report: Participatory Governance for Human Development. 2003 (70 pp.) Pbk.

CR 19


Fourth Kenya Human Development Report: Linking Industrialisation with Human Development. 2005 (56 pp) Pbk (Not available)

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