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Staff Papers

Staff Papers





*SP 1

D.M. Etherington

Interim Report on the Economic Survey of Smallholder Tea in Kenya (15 pp)


*SP 2

D.M. Etherington

The Calculation of Smallholder Tea Yields in Kenya by Multiple Linear Regression Analysis (6 pp)


*SP 3

D.P. Ghai

Employment and Output in the Non-Agricultural Sector of Kenya: A Preliminary Research Proposal. (7 pp)


*SP 4

B.F. Massell

The Newman Model. (4 pp)


*SP 5

F. Mitchell

A Rough Calculation of the returns to Land from Game Viewing in one Area of Kenya. (4 pp)


*SP 6

M. Miller

Effect of the Kenya Government’s Industrial Protection Policy.  (3 pp)


*SP 7

N.O. Jorgensen

Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation: Its Purpose and Performance (4 pp)


*SP 8

H. Dahl

Capital Imports Projections for Kenya 1970 and 1975.  (4 pp)


SP 9

B.F. Massell

Effective Protection and the Relative Efficiency of Tariff Structures.  (8 pp)


*SP 10

Z. Onyonka

The Agricultural Finance Corporation (4 pp)


* SP 11

L Brownstein

Primary School Leavers after K.P.E. (7 pp)


*SP 12

J.U. Heyer

Agricultural Price Marketing Policy in Kenya. (7 pp)


*SP 13

D.P. Ghai

Some Notes on Labour Markets in East Africa (13 pp)


*SP 14

Z. Onyonka

The Concept of an Efficient Financial System. (2 pp)


*SP 15

R. Posner

A Survey of the Labour Force in Mixed Farms and Settlement Schemes.  (2 pp)


*SP 16

T.C.I. Ryan

Peasant Production Decisions.  (5 pp)


*SP 17

R. Posner

The Labour Force in Large-Scale African Agriculture


*SP 18

R. Robson

Measuring the Costs and Benefits of the East African Common Market.


*SP 19

D.P. Ghai

Employment, Wages and Technology in the Industrial Sector in Kenya


*SP 20

D. Rogers

Private Returns to Higher Education in Kenya (3 pp)


*SP 21

T. Aldington

The Marketing of Beef in Kenya.  (29 pp)


*SP 22

J. Wells; E. Rado

Constraints and Costs of the Kenya Building Industry.  (28 pp)


*SP 23

F. Mitchell

The Impact of Tourism on National Income January 1968.  (10 pp)


*SP 24

D.  Rogers

Survey of Employment Expectations and Achievements of University College, Nairobi Graduates.


SP 25

F. Steward; D.P. Ghai

Statistics and Income Distribution in Kenya. 1968.  (10 pp)


*SP 26

L.D. Smith; T.J. Aldington

A Cereals Policy for Kenya.  1969.  (4 pp)


*SP 27

F. Wilson

The Marketing of Horticultural Crops in Kenya.  1969 (14 pp)


*SP 28

R. Lacey

An Analysis of the Economic Implications of the Operations of Foreign Capital Payments in a Less-Developed Country With Particular Regard to the Balance of Payments: A Case Study of Kenya. 1969 (8 pp)


SP 29

F. Mitchell

Studies in Distribution. February 1969 (20 pp)


*SP 30

H.E. Dahl

The Input-Output Table for Kenya: A Further Discussion.  1969.  (14 pp)


*SP 31

W.T. Martin

A Provisional Report on a Study of Family Planning Knowledge.  February 1969. (12 pp).


*SP 32

E.R. Rado

Employment and Training Opportunities in the Private Sector.  September 1968. (4 pp)


*SP 33

C. Leys

A New Conception of Planning.  May 1969. (27 pp)


*SP 34

J.R. Harris

Urban and Industrial Deconcentration in Kenya: An Analytical Framework.  May 1969. (15 pp)


*SP 35

J.R. Harris

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. May 1969. (39 pp)


SP 36

A.E. Thomas

Community Adaptation to Health Services in the Machakos District of Kenya.  June 1969.  (15 pp)


*SP 37

R. Clarke
F. Mitchell

Estimates of Expenditures by Clients of East African Outfitters, 1966: Some Preliminary Data. 1969. (6 pp)


*SP 38

C. Kamundia

Integration Theory and Practice Reconsidered. June 1969.  (10 pp)


*SP 39

H. Rempel

Rural to Urban Labour Migration Study: An Interim Report.  August 1969.  (35 pp)


*SP 40

D. Western

Land Use in Masai Amboseli Game Reserve: A Case Study for Inter-Disciplinary Co-operation. 1969.  (12 pp)


SP 41

K. Miller

Economics of Wildlife Conservation.  July 1969. (9 pp)


SP 42

F. Mitchell

The Taxicab Problem.  1969. (8 pp)


*SP 43

V.P. Diejomaoh

Public Financing, Tax Mobilization and Government Financing in Kenya.  July 1969. (48 pp)


SP 44

F. Mitchell

A Preliminary Economic Appraisal of Baharini Wildlife Sanctuary.  August. 1969. (14 pp)


*SP 45

V.P. Diejomaoh

Tax Mobilization and Development Financing: The Kenya Case.  September 1969. (5 pp).


*SP 46

R. Van Zwanenberg

The European Economy in Kenya. 1919 to 1939: An Example of Primitive Capital Formation.  September 1969 (32 pp)


*SP 47

S.E. Rastad

The Role of the University in Nation Building. October 1969.  (30 pp)


*SP 48

N.O. Jorgensen

Some Aspects of Housing Policy and Rent Structure in Kenya.  September 1969.  (16 pp)


*SP 49

J.J. Bucknall

The Role of State Trading in Kenya with Special Reference to the Kenya National Trading Corporation. October 1969 (10 pp)


*SP 50

R. Reimer

Effective Rates of Protection in East Africa. November 1969.  (15 pp)


SP 51

M. Phelps

Preliminary Thoughts on the Effects of Transfer Tax on Kenya Industry.  November 1969. (18 pp)


*SP 52

A. Sandberg

Generation Conflict and Entrepreneurship in Meru.  December 1969. (22 pp)


*SP 53

D. Western

Proposals for an Amboseli Game Park.  September 1969.  (8 pp)


*SP 54

H.E. Dahl

Industrial File Systems and Data Banks in East Africa: A Conference Report. November 1969. (10 pp)


SP 55

D.P. Ghai

Development Through Multilateral Agencies: The Case of U.N. Technical Assistance.  1969. (14 pp)


*SP 57

A. Hake

Some Aspects of Decision-Making in Nairobi. January 1970.  (9pp)


SP 58

W.O. Oyugi

Evaluating Administrative Performance with Focus on the Migori Special Rural Development Programme.  February 1970. (9 pp)


SP 59

R. Davis

A Preliminary Appraisal of Economic Prospects for Ngorongoro Conservative Unit. December 1969.  (4 pp)


*SP 60

D.S. Shepard

A Load-Shifting Model for Air Pollution Control In the Electric Power Industry.  February 1970. (25 pp)


SP 61

M.J. Westlake

Criteria for Protection.  February 1970.  (10 pp)


SP 62

E. Karanja

A Case Study on Two Co-operatives in Kirinyaga District.  February 1970.  (12 pp)


*SP 63

R.K. Davis

A Proposal for a Socio-Economic Analysis of Group Ranching Development in Kenya Masaailand. February 1970.  (16 pp)


*SP 64

F. Mitchell

Notes on the Design and Analysis of Tourist Surveys.  January 1970.  (12 pp)


*SP 65

J. Anderson

Socialisation and Selection: Incompatible Functions for Schools in Developing Countries. February 1970. (15 pp)


*SP 66

D.K. Leonard

A Proposal for an Evaluation of the Agricultural Extension Services in Kenya. March 1970. (17 pp)


SP 67

P.S. Heller

Recurrent Expenditure Implications of the Development Plan.  March 1970. (25 pp)


SP 68

N. Nyangira

The Role of Chiefs and Sub-Chiefs in Administration in Vihiga.  April 1970. (25 pp)


SP 69

J.A. Okelo

Know-How and Success in Retail Trade - A Case Study of Traders in River Road.  April 1970. (4 pp)


*SP 70

M.J. Westlake; L.D. Smith

A Critique of Kenya’s Present Coffee Policy. May 1970.  (15 pp)


*SP 71

D.K. Leonard

Some Hypotheses Concerning the Impact of Kenya Government Agricultural Extension on Small Farmers. July 1970. (24 pp)


*SP 72

D.K. Leonard

Some Hypotheses Concerning the Organisation Of Communication in Agricultural Extension. June 1970. (35 pp).


*SP 73

S.E. Rastad

Employment Categories of Kenya Graduates of The University of East Africa (An Interim Report.) May 1970.  (18 pp)


*SP 74

S.E. Rastad

University Students and Employment Market - A Profile of Present Graduates.  June 1970. (26 pp)


*SP 75

J.E. Moikobu

Social Interaction Within the Urban Community in Nairobi. June 1970.  (27 pp)


*SP 76

R.J.A. Wilson

Proposal for Research in Kenya.  Land Tenure And Economic Development.  June 1970. (9 pp)


SP 77

T.C.I. Ryan; F. Stewart

School Background as Predictor of First-Year Economic Performance. 1970.  (13 pp)


*SP 78

R. Reimer

Effective Rates of Protection in East Africa. July 1970.  (19 pp)


*SP 79

N. Rajan

Transfer of Technology from Developed Nations to Kenya: An Interview Study Preliminary Research Proposals.  1970.  (13 pp)


SP 80

N. Nyangira

Chief’s Barazas as Agents of Administrative and Political Penetration. July 1970.  (14 pp)


*SP 81

R.K. Davis

An Estimated Tradeoff Between Wildlife and Livestock in One Ranching Area of Kenya. 1970 (6 pp)


SP 82

V.P. Diejomaoh

Financing Local Government Authorities in Kenya July 1970.  (6 pp)


SP 83

B. Wasow

A Simple General Equilibrium Model of Wage Exchange rate Policy in an Open Underdeveloped Economy.  September 1970. (11 pp)


SP 84

W.E. Whitelaw

The Objectives and Tasks of the Economics Group for the Urban Study of Nairobi.  September 1970 (31 pp)


SP 85

J.E. Moikobu

Voluntary Associations and Leisure Activities in Nairobi Suburb.  September 1970. (16 pp)


SP 86

M.G. Phelps
B. Wasow

Measuring Protection and its Effects.  November, November 1970. (18 pp)


*SP 87

J.G. Karuga

Urban Growth, Rural Innovation and Rural Planning.  November 1970.  (8 pp)


SP 88

G.S. Fields

Towards a Model of Education and Labour Markets in Labour Surplus Economies. November 1970. (14 pp)


*SP 89

R.J.A. Wilson

Land Control in Kenya’s Smallholder Farming Areas.  January 1970. (36 pp)


*SP 90

D.P. Ghai

Priorities in Economic Research in Kenya over the Second Plan Period: 1970-74.  December 1970.
(14 pp)


*SP 91

R.J.A. Wilson

The Economic Implications of Land Registration in Kenya’s Smallholder Areas.  February 1971. (25 pp) (See Journal of  Statistics and Society Inquiry Society of Ireland. 22(3), 1972, 124-151).


*SP 92

T.J. Aldington

Cotton Policy in Kenya: Experiences and Prescriptions.  March 1971.  (31 pp)


*SP 93

G.D. Gwyer

Agricultural Employment: A Research Proposal. March 1971.  (15 pp)


*SP 94

G.D. Gwyer

The Agricultural Labour Markets for Two Small Holder Areas of Kenya.  October 1971, (33 pp)


*SP 95

M. Constable

Promoting Employment Through Rural Project Selections. March 1971. (14 pp)


*SP 96

D. Brokensha

Mbeere Clans and Land Adjudication.  March 1971.  (21 pp)


*SP 97

E. Karanja

The Problems of Amalgamating Co-operative Societies: The Case of North Tetu.  April 1971. (29 pp)


*SP 98

L.D. Smith

Some Possible Policy Issues for Kenyan Agriculture. May 1971. (10 pp)


*SP 99

G.E. Johnson

The Determinants of Individual Hourly Earnings in Urban Kenya: Methodology and Preliminary Results.  May 1971.  (30 pp)


*SP 100

H.G.B. Hedlund

Impact of Group Ranches on Pastoral Society. June 1971. (39 pp)


*SP 101

M. Westlake

Kenya’s Extraneous and Irrational System of Personal Income Taxation.  June 1971. (21 pp)


*SP 102

M.J. Westlake

Kenya’s Indirect Tax Structure and the Distribution of Income. June 1971. (17 pp)


SP 103

J.R. Nellis

Is the Kenya Bureaucracy Developmental? Political Consideration in Development Administration.  June 1971. (14 pp)


SP 104

J. Rakowski

The Illusory Employment - Output Tradeoff. 1971.  (11 pp).


*SP 105

B. Herman

Better Statistical Data on Companies and How to Compile Them: A Proposal.  July 1971. (10 pp)


SP 106

F. Holmquist

Matunwa Farmers Co-operative Society and the Co-operative Farming Experiment in Kisii District.  July 1971 (16 pp)


SP 107

R.R. Stockton

Aspects of Leadership in Nyeri.  1971. (9 pp).


*SP 108

D. Nzomo

Occupational Kenyanisation in the Private Sector. August 1971.  (32 pp)


*SP 109

J. Cramer

Some Notes on the Population of Kenya.  August 1971. (21 pp)


*SP 110

D. Court

Some Background and Attitude Characteristics of Trainees at Village Polytechnics.  July 1971. (24 pp)


*SP 111

D. Belshaw; R. Chambers

Programming Operational Control and Evaluation for Rural Development Plans 1971.  (17 pp)


*SP 112

P.R. Moock

Maize Production and Managerial Ability in Vihiga: A Research Proposal.  August 1971. (35 pp)


*SP 113

K. King

Education and Ethnicity in the Rift Valley: Maasai, Kipsigis and Kikuyu in the School System. October 1971. (30 pp)


*SP 114

P.M. Mbithi

Non-Farm Occupation and Farm Innovation in Marginal, Medium and High Potential Regions of Eastern Kenya and Buganda.  September 1971. (26 pp)


SP 115

J.M. Gachuhi

Who Needs Family Planning?  October 1971. (20 pp)


*SP 116

W. Whitelaw, (Ed.)

“Nairobi Household Survey: Description of the Methodology and Guide to the data”.  1971. (15 pp)


*SP 117

E. Whitelaw

Nairobi Household Survey: Some Preliminary Results.  1971. (11 pp)


The Staff Paper Series ceased publication with Staff Paper No. 117

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