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Products & Services

Products & Services

In line with its Vision and Mission, IDS has over the years positioned itself at the international level and continues to collaborate with public and private institutions and civil society organisations locally, regionally and internationally. It has a strong capacity and experience in initiating and implementing collaborative and policy-related research projects and consultancy with local and international partners and has nurtured important linkages with many research institutions across the world. As a result, the Institute has a large network of partners and collaborators, and its research has been used to inform national, regional and global development programmes and policies. The following are some of the areas where IDS researches and consults in:

  • Urban planning and development: urban and road designs, urban informal settlements and marginalisation, 
  • Informal economy and social protection: economic informality, social protection schemes, labour issues and representation. 
  • Political systems and governance; service delivery and urban governance; Policy, institutions and governance 
  • Health and development: health systems, community health systems, malaria research, and adolescent and child health.
  • Transport and Development: paratransit; motorised and non-motorised transport including motorcycles; transport planning and urban development; road safety, health and gender issues.
  • Energy issues

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