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Ocassional Papers

Ocassional Papers





*OP 1

J.U. Heyer

The Economics of Small-Scale Farming in Lowland Machakos 1967 (82 pp)

*OP 2

B.F. Massel; J.U. Heyer

Household Expenditure in Nairobi: A Statistical Analysis of Consumer Behaviour. (Economic Development and Cultural Change 17 (2) January 1969, pp. 212-234).

*OP 3

T.J. Aldington; F. Wilson

The Marketing of Beef in Kenya 1968 (302 pp)

*OP 4

M.E. Kempe; L.D. Smith, (Eds)

Strategies for Improving Rural Welfare. Proceedings of a Workshop held 12 May to 3 June 1971 (562 pp)

*OP 5

C. Barnes, (Eds)

Harnessing Research for Production Dissemination and Utilisation.  Proceedings Of a Workshop held 20-22 January 1972. 1972 (184 pp)

*OP 6

F.C. Child; M.E. Kempe, (Eds)

Small-Scale Enterprise.  Proceedings of a Conference held 26-27 February 1973. 1973 (157 pp)

*OP 7

E. Burke, (ed.)

In Search of a System of the Dissemination of Research Findings and Technology in Kenya. Proceedings of a Conference held 26-27 April 1973. 1973 (147 pp)

*OP 8

Institute for Development Studies

An Overall Evaluation of the Special Rural Development Programme. 1973 (327 pp)

OP 9

R.P. Powell

The Stock of Fixed Capital in Kenya in the Monetary Economy.  1964-1971. 1973. (73 pp)

OP 10

K. Prewitt

Introductory Research Methodology: East African Applications. 1974 (190 pp.)

OP 11

D.M. Hunt

Growth vs. Equity: An Examination of the Distribution of Economic Status and Opportunity in Mbeere, Eastern Kenya. 1975 (61 pp)

*OP 12

Institute for Development Studies

Second Overall Evaluation of the Special Rural Development Programme. 1975. (602 pp).

*OP 13

J.E. Reynolds; A.O. Pala; M.A.H. Wallis; D.L. Browne

The Women’s Group Programme in the S.R.D.P. 1975 (106 pp)

OP 14

S.B. Westley; B.F. Johnson; M. David (Eds)

Summary Report of a Workshop on Food and Nutrition Strategy for Kenya. 1975. (40 pp)

OP 15

S.B. Westley, (Ed.)

Development and The Environment in Africa. Proceedings of a Seminar held 15-24 April 1974. 1975 (290 pp)

OP 16

S.B. Westley; B.F. Johnson, (Eds)

Proceedings of a Workshop on Farm Equipment Innovations for Agricultural Development and Rural Industrialisation Held 19-21 August 1975.  (238 pp.)

OP 17

I Livingstone

Cowboys in Africa: the Socio-economics Ranching. 1976. (84 pp)

OP 18

M.P. Todaro

Migration and Economic Development: A Review of Theory, Evidence, Methodology And Research Priorities. 1976. (105 pp)

OP 19

F.C. Child

Employment, Technology and Growth Of the Intermediate Sector in Kenya. 1976 (100 pp)

OP 20

P.N. Hopcraft

An Evaluation of the Kenya Dairy Improvement Programme. 1976. (221pp)

OP 21

M.C. Latham; S.B. Westley, (eds)

Nutrition Planning and Policy for African Countries. Summary Report of a Seminar held 2-19 June 1976. (115 pp)

OP 22

P.N. Hopcraft

Arid Lands-Economic, Social and Ecological Monitoring.  Report of a Workshop held 28-29 June 1976. (43 pp)

OP 23

S. Schonherr; E.S. Mbugua

Bean Production in Kenya’s Central and Eastern Provinces. 1976. (69 pp)

OP 24

K. Kinyanjui; J.N. Ng’ethe

Training within Underdevelopment: the Case of Baringo Development Training Centre (B.D.J.C.) - an Evaluation. 1976. (93 pp)

*OP 25

D . Kabagambe; S.B. Westley, (Eds)

The Informal Sector in Kenya.  (Papers presented at a Workshop held 8-10 November 1976). 1977.  (195 pp)

OP 26

M. Cowen; K. Kinyanjui

Some Problems of Capital and Class in Kenya. 1977. (99 pp)

*OP 27

P.A.M. Misiko; D.N. Ngugi; D.B. Thomas; S.B. Westley, (Eds)

Soil and Water Conservation in Kenya Proceedings of a Workshop held at the University of Nairobi 21-23 September 1977. 1978. (161 pp)

OP 28

C.O. Okidi

Management of Coastal and Offshore Resources in Eastern Africa. Papers Presented at a Workshop held 26-29 April 1977). 1978 (255 pp)

OP 29

C.O. Okidi;H.W.O. Okoth- Ogendo

Reflections on Law and Development December 1978 (149 pp)

OP 30

C.O. Okidi

Kenya’s Marine Fisheries: An Outline Of Policy and activities. January 1979. (42 pp)

*OP 31

G. Schmidt

Maize and Beans Marketing in Kenya: The Interaction and effectiveness of The Informal and Formal Marketing Systems. August 1979. (154 pp)

OP 32

J.T. Mukui(ed)

Price and Marketing Controls in Kenya(Papers presented at a Workshop held At I.D.S. March 1979) (231 pp)

OP 33

D. Court; K. Kinyanjui

Development Policy and Educational Opportunity: the Experience of Kenya and Tanzania. 1978 (100 pp)

OP 34

C.O. Okidi,(Ed)

Natural Resources and the Development of Lake Victoria Basin of Kenya.  July 1979

OP 35

S.B.O. Gutto,(Ed)

Children and the Law in Kenya. July 1979 (116 pp)

OP 36

D. Campbell; S.E. Migot-; Adholla

The Development of Kenya’s Semi-Arid Adholla

OP 37

K. Kinyanjui

Regional and Class Inequalities in Provision of Primary Education in Kenya 1981. (86 pp)

OP 38

N. Ng’ethe (Ed.)

Popular participation and Rural Development.  Proceedings of an African Social Science Research Consultative Group, held at West-wood Park Hotel, Nairobi, 26-29 March 1978. 1981. (230 pp.) Pbk.

*OP 39

H.G. Klaus; S.E. Migot-

The Role of Public Enterprises in Development in Eastern Africa. November 1982. (232 pp)

OP 40

W.M. Senga;R. Farugee;B.A. Ateng

Population Growth and Agricultural Development in Kenya.  October 1980. (58 pp)

*OP 41

S.E. Migot-;Adholla;F.M. Mburu

Social Science Research Methods in Tropical Diseases. 1983. (166 pp)       

*OP 42

D.B. Thomas;W.M. Senga,(eds.)

Soil and Water Conservation in Kenya Proceedings of a second National Workshop, Nairobi: March 1-13, 1982,1983.  (441 pp)

OP 43

M. Schluter

Constraints on Kenya’s Food and Beverage Exports. 1984. (118 pp). Pbk

*OP 44


Kenya Data Compendium: 1964-982. April 1984. (forthcoming)

OP 45

S.E. Migot- Adholla, (ed.)

Significance and Prospects of Camel Pastoralism in Kenya.  1985. (211 pp)

OP 46

H.E. Evans; G.M. Ruigu(eds)

Approaches to Rural-Urban Development Proceedings of a Workshop organised by The Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi, 22 May 1985. (40 pp)

OP 47

Institute for Development Studies

Institute for Development Studies, Research Priorities. (A report of Workshop on IDS Research Priorities held from January 29 to February 1, 1986). (77 pp). Pbk.

OP 48

G.M. Ruigu, (ed.)

Integration of Nutrition into Agricultural And Rural Development Projects.  1986. (Proceedings of Inter-Country Seminar held from 2nd to 7th September 1985 at Sirikwa Hotel, Eldoret, Kenya). (390 pp)Pbk

OP 49

B. Mikkelsen

Formation of an Industrial Labour Force In Kenya.  Experiences of Labour Training In the Metal Manufacturing Industries -March 1987. (139 pp). Pbk

OP 50

K. Kinyanjui(ed.)

Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) Contributions to Development (Proceedings of a Seminar held at theInstitute for Development Studies, Nairobi, 19th September 1985). (75 pp). Pbk(forthcoming)

OP 51

C.O. Okidi(ed.)

Reflections on the Management of Drainage Basins in Africa. Proceedings of Workshop on Environment and Development in the Drainage Basins in Africa Held at Kisumu. August 1987 (354 pp). Pbk.

OP 52

J.B. Ojwang’ and J. Kabereri(eds)

Law and the Public Interest.Proceedings of a Conference Held at Kisumu.  March 1986 (68 pp.) Pbk.

OP 53

A.O. Ackelo-Ogutu    (ed.)

Kenya’s Rural Research Priorities Proceedings of a Seminar Held at Naivasha 28-30 April 1988.  1988 (117 pp.) Pbk.

OP 54

N. Ng’ethe,J. Wahome and G. Ndua

The Rural Informal Sector in Kenya.A Study of Micro-Enterprises in Nyeri Meru, Uasin Gishu and Siaya Districts.1989 (158 pp.)

OP 55

N. Ng’ethe and G. Ndua,

Jua Kali: Education, Training and Welfare in the Informal Sector.  A Study of Carpentry and Metal Work in the Eastlands of Nairobi, Kenya, 1992 (93 pp.) Pbk.

OP 56

N. Ng’ethe,Eda Gachukia,E.Z. Rotros, and P.W. Njau

Population support for National Non-Governmental Ministries through the National Council for Population and Development (NCPD) “An Evolution”

OP 57

P. O. Alila,K.  Kinyanjui,and G. Wanjohi,

Rural Landlessness in Kenya: Dynamics, Problems and Policies October 1985 (85 pp.) Pbk.

OP 58

N. Ng’ethe

In Search of NGO’s Towards a Funding Strategy to Create NGO Research Capacity in Eastern and Southern Africa, 1989 (75 pp.) Pbk.

OP 59

G.M. Ruigu and M. Rukuni (Eds.)

Irrigation Policy in Kenya and Zimbabwe. Proceedings of the Second Intermediate Seminar on Irrigation Farming in Kenya and Zimbabwe held in Harare 26th- 30th May 1987 1990 (420 pp ..) Pbk

OP 60

N. Ng’ethe and G. Ndua

The Role of Informal Sector in the Development of Small & Intermediate Sized Cities: A Case Study of Nakuru  July 1984 (73 pp) pbk.

*OP 61

N. Ng’ethe and K. K. Odero

Farmers Organisation and Agricultural Policy in Kenya.  June 1991(forthcoming).

OP 62

P.O. Alila

Informal and Formal Credit in Rural Kenya.  A Case Study of Western Kenya, Grass Roots Borrowing and Lending in the Institutional Development Perspective.

OP 63

B.A. Okech,W.V. Mitullah and M.L. Awiti

Agriculture Sector Management Reform and Policy Analysis: The Kenyan Case. Proceedings of the Second Workshop Organised for the Training of Kenyan District Officers, Held at Hotel Milimani, Nairobi,18-28 July 1996 (188 pp.). Pbk

OP 64

P. K’Obonyo, G.K. Ikiara,W.V. Mitullah,C. Abuodha, G. Ongile and  D. McCormick

Complying with Business Regulation in Kenya: A Bench Mark Study of the Trade Licensing and Registration of Business Names Acts, 1997 - 98. March, 1999 (119 pp.) Pbk

*OP 65

J. Maalu, P.O. Alila; R. Karega; P. Chitere; M. Khayesi; J. Onjala; P. Kibas and B. Bowen

Micro and Small Scale Enterprises Financial Services in Kenya. 1999 (forthcoming)

OP 66

E.H.O Ayiemba,R. N. Otunga,K. Aduda,H. Bwisa,
M. Muchiri,E. Njeru,J.  Njoka,O.I. Odulajah,P. Ondiege,P. Rono,B. Sabana and F. Wegulo

Information-Based Business Development Services in Kenya. July 1999 (106 pp) pbk.

OP 67

E.H.O Ayiemba,R. Otunga;B.A. Okech:H. Bwisa;B. Sabana;K. Aduda and S. Maina,

Technology-Based Business Development Services in Kenya: A Benchmark Study of Three Projects. April 2001 (104 pp.) Pbk

OP 68

J. Maalu, M. Khayesi, P.O. AlilaP. Chitere, P. Kibas, R. Karega, B. Bowen and J.O. Onjala

Impact Assessment of the WEDCO Enterprises Development Project. August, 1999 (69 pp) pbk

OP 69

N. Ng’ethe

Development Studies and IDS. September 2002 [33 pp] pbk

OP 70

D. McCormick, W.V. Mitullah and M. Kinyanjui

How to Collaborate: Associations and other Community-Based Organisations Among Kenyan Micro and Small-Scale Entrepreneurs 2003 [99 pp] pbk

OP 71

M.N. Kinyanjui

After Graduation What Next? A Tracer and Policy Study Of Youth Polytechnic Graduates From Kware, Kitui, Makueni and Taita  Taveta. 2007 (77pp) Pbk

OP 72

K. kanyinga and E. Adera

Rethinking Development Research and Policy Trends in the East African Region 2009 (98 pp) Pbk

OP 73

N. Ng`ethe and M. Omosa (Eds)

Drivers and Maintainers of Poverty in Kenya: A Research Agenda. June,2009 (160 pp) Pbk

OP 74

O. Okinda

Giving Voice to the Chronically Poor: A study of Peoples Participation in Projects Funded Under the Constituency Development Fund in Ibeno Location, Kisii District. December 2009. (117 pp) Pbk

OP 75

W.V. Mitullah and P.O. Asingo

Road Safety Policies in Kenya: In Search of Explanations for Non-Compliance. 2014. (50pp) Pbk

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