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Policy Briefs

Policy Briefs

IDS Policy Briefs

IDS Policy Brief_Kanyinga & Michuki_2020_No. 1

IDS Policy Brief_Kanyinga & Michuki_2020_No. 2

IDS Policy Brief_Kanyinga & Michuki_2020_No. 3

IDS Policy Brief_Kanyinga & Michuki_2020_No. 4

IDS Policy Brief_Kiguru & Upadhyaya_2020_No.4

IDS Policy Brief_Kamau & Kamau_2016_No. 1

IDS Policy Brief_Mitullah & Onsate_2013_Issue 8_No. 2

IDS Policy Brief_Mitullah_2006_Issue 5_No. 1

IDS Policy Brief_Njoka_2006_Issue 5_No. 2

IDS Policy Brief_Njeru_2007_Issue 6_No. 1

IDS Policy Brief_Munandi_2007_Issue 6_No. 3

IDS Policy Brief_Kangethe & Omosa_2003_Issue No. 2

IDS Policy Brief Kamau A_2021_Issue No.3

Other Policy Briefs 

Off-Grid Solar Electronic Waste Management in Kenya Policy Brief 2024

RARE The Impact of Community-Based Conservation on Pastoralists’ Climate Change Adaptation 2023

RARE The Community Land Act (CLA) 2016 and Pastoralists’ Access to Land for Adaptation Policy Brief 2023

RARE Supporting Pastoralist Adaptation to Climate Change in Kenya: Beyond a “one-size-fits-all” Approach 2023

RARE Closing the Climate Information Gap Policy Brief 2023

RARE Land Rights and Climate Action Policy Brief 2023

Committee of Fiscal Studies, University of Nairobi Policy Brief, Adam & Upadhyaya_2022_Series, 8.

University of Nairobi Kenya Policy Briefs_Odhiambo & Upadhyaya_2021_Issue No.2 (2), 67-68

University of Nairobi, Policy Brief_Mitullah_2021_Issue IDS/PB/2021/1

Afrobarometer Dispatch, Mitullah_2021_No 449

University of Nairobi Kenya Policy Briefs, Muraya & Upadhyaya_2020_Issue No. 1(2), 29-30.

Special CBDS Working Paper Series_Upadhyaya & Wamalwa_2019_Issue 2

PASGR Policy Brief_Mitullah, Kamau, & Kivuva_2017_Issue No. 10

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