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Working Papers

Working Papers




*WP 1

J. Ascroft; F. Chege; J. Kariuki; N. Roling

Accelerating the Flow of New Ideas to Rural Proposal for Pilot Extension Training Project in Nyeri (Now published as IDS/DP/133.)

*WP 2

C.M. Kamau

The Effects of Kenyanisation of Personal Saving: A Research Proposal. November 1971. (15 pp) (Withdrawn).

*WP 3

K.B. Dillon

Financial Institutions in Kenyan Economy. November. 1971. (8 pp) (Withdrawn).

*WP 4

S.R. Lewis

Agricultural Taxation and Intersectoral Resources Transfer.  (Now Published as IDS/DP/134).

WP 5

J. Ascroft; C. Barnes; R. Garst

The Kisii SRDP Survey of Farm Level Enterprises.  A Preliminary Reports of Findings.  November 1971 (36 pp)

WP 6

J.M. Gachuhi

Marriage and Prostitution: A Theoretical Consideration.  November 1971 (15 pp)

WP 7

F.E. Chege

Packaging and Marketing of Agricultural Inputs to Small-Scale Farmers. Nov. 1971. (9 pp)

*WP 8

S.W. Almy

Outline and Interim Report on Community And Individual Development in South Imenti, Meru.  December 1971 (17 pp) (Withdrawn).

*WP 9

K. King

Primary Schools in Kenya: Some Critical Constraints on Their Effectiveness. (Now Published as IDS/DP/130)

*WP 10

J.M. Gachuhi

National Planning Sample Inventory. December 1971 (7 pp) (Withdrawn).

*WP 11

E. Macharia

Political Socialization and Education in Kenya: A Review and Research Proposal. December 1971 (10 pp) (Withdrawn).

*WP 12

E. Macharia 

Scientism and Innovation in Education in Kenya: Theoretical Speculations.  December 1971 (7 pp) (Withdrawn).  

WP 13

J.D.N. Olewe

Leadership and Resource Allocation in Kenya Rural Co-operatives.  January 1972.  (17 pp)

*WP 14

P.W. Achola

The Leadership Factor in National Development: A Case Study Based on Three Urban Centres in Kenya.  November 1971.  (18 pp) (Withdrawn)

*WP 15

G. Owuor

Economics of Fertilizer Use and Fertilizer Demand in Nyanza Province.  January  1972 (8 pp) (Withdrawn).

*WP 16

M. Harper

The Discovery and Satisfaction of the Perceived and Actual Needs of Rural Shopkeepers in Kenya. (Withdrawn)

*WP 17

E.M. Godrey

The Proposed Harambee Institutes of Technology.  January 1972 (12 pp)

WP 18

J. Kariuki

Informal Leadership and Rural Development January 1972. (21 pp)

*WP 19

D. Gachuche

Labour Mobility in Kenya. January 1972 (20 pp) (Withdrawn).

*WP 20

D.K. Leonard

Organizational Structures for Productivity In Kenya Agricultural Extension. (Now published as IDS/DP/154).

*WP 21

M.A. Baily

Capital Utilization in Manufacturing Industry in Kenya.  February 1972 (29 pp). (Now Published as IDS/DP/206).

WP 22

K.S. Kim

Foreign Loans and Repayment Problems March 1972. (11 pp).

*WP 23

H. Colebatch

Roads, Schools and Health Services February 1972, (8 pp) (Withdrawn).

WP 24

D. Belshaw; R. Chambers

A Functional Review Sequence for Rural Development Programmes: A Procedure for Recurrent Management.  February 1972. (16 pp).

*WP 25

W. Oyugi

Participation in Development Planning The Local Level. (Now published as IDS/DP/163.)

*WP 26

R. Van Zwanenberg

History and Theory of Urban Poverty in Nairobi.  The Problem of Slum Development. (Now published as IDS/DP/139).

WP 27

J.M. Gachuhi

Population Education for Our Schools. March 1972.  (20 pp)

*WP 28

J.M. Halderman

An Analysis of Continued Semi-NomadismOn the Kaputie Masai Group Ranches. Sociological and Ecological Factors. (Now Published as IDS/DP/152).

WP 29

P. Hopcraft

Toward a Protectionist Economy?  SomeReactions to the Import Bans and ControlsRecently Imposed by the Kenya GovernmentMarch 1972 (10 pp)

WP 30

V. Vinnai

Kenya’s African Trade 1964 – 1970. March 1972.  (30 pp)

*WP 31

I.D. Carruthers

Appraising Proposals for Water Supply Investment. (Now published as IDS/DP/195.)

*WP 32

J.H. Power

The Role of Protection in Industrialisation (Now Published as IDS/DP/136).

WP 33.

N. Roling

Determining the Level of Agricultural Development in Tetu Sub-location: Towards Measuring Extension Impact. April 1972/ (40 pp)

*WP 34.

S.R. Lewis

The Effects of Protection on the Need for External Assistance.  (Now published as IDS/DP/140.)

WP 35

G.M. Ruigu

Land Policy and Small-Scale Farmer March 1972.  (14 pp)

*WP 36

T. Schlie

Some Aspects of Regional National Scientific Relationship in East Africa. April 1972. (51 pp) (Withdrawn).

WP 37

B. Wasow

Measuring Protection and Its Effects in Kenya.  May 1972. (34 pp)

*WP 38

V. Vinnai

Kenya’s Overseas Trade - 1964-1970. (Now Published as IDS/DP/165).

WP 39

W.I. Jones

Kenya’s Maize Hybrids: Effects of Their Introduction.  May 1972. (7 pp).

*WP 40

E.M. Godfrey
H. Hassenkam

Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Kenya.  (Now Published As IDS/DP/169)

*WP 41

C.M. Kamau

Transfer of Investible Funds Between Agriculture and Non-Agriculture in Kenya May 1972.  (15 pp) (Withdrawn).

WP 42

N. Roling; S. Kiare; K. Gatenjwa; J. Muiru

Evaluation of Job Training and Manual. June 1972. (56 pp)

*WP 43

R.P. Powell

The Stock of Fixed Capital in Kenya in The Monetary Economy 1964-1970. (Now published as IDS/DP/9).

*WP 44

C.M. Kamau

Some Limitations of Effective Protection And Policy Recommendation Based on it in Kenya.  June 1972. (15 pp) (withdrawn)

WP 45

K.M. Savosnick

A Tariff Policy of Kenya.  June 1972 (10 pp)

*WP 46

P.M. Mbithi

Dought and Famine in Kenya (Now Published as IDS/DP/159).

*WP 47

J.M. Gachuhi

Youth, Reproduction and Population (Now published as IDS/DP/144).

*WP 48

F.E. Chege

Marketing Farm Supplies in Rural Areas. July 1972. (18 pp)

WP 49

V. Vinnai

Exchange Control System in Less Developed Countries.  July 1972 (13 pp)

*WP 50

V. Vinnai

Exchange Control: The Case of Kenya (Now published as IDS/DP/148).

WP 51

P.M. Mbithi; G. Barnes

Content Inventory of Development Programmes and Projects in Kenya: Daily Newspapers Articles - 190 and 1971. July 1972. (33 pp).

*WP 52

D.E. Black

An Employment and Output Projection Model for Kenya and Nairobi. (Now published as IDS/DP/172).

*WP 53

L.P. Mureithi

Development in Practice: Some Reflection On Kenya’s Experience.  June 1972 (12 pp) (Withdrawn).

*WP 54

H. Pack

Employment and Productivity in Kenyan Manufacturing.  (Now published as IDS/DP/149).

*WP 55

D. Court

Dilemmas of Development: The VillagePolytechnic Movement as a ShadowSystem of Education in Kenya. (Now published as IDS/DP/156).

*WP 56

J.H. Power

Protection and Employment: A Macro-Economic Approach.  (Now published as IDS/DP/151).

*WP 57

J.R. King

Wages Efficiency and Labour Market Disequilibrium; a two Sector Approach To the Wage Policy Dilemma in Kenya. August 1972.  (17 pp). (Withdrawn).

WP 58

J.G. Karuga

Land Transaction in Kiambu.  August 1972. (39 pp)

WP 59

D. Hunt

The Dynamic of Rural Income Distribution: A Research Proposal. August 1972 (18 pp).

WP 60

J.H. Power

A Note on Protection and the Processing of Primary commodities.  August 1972.

WP 61

K.G. Dillon

Financial Institutions in Kenya: 1964 - 1971: a Preliminary Analysis.  September 1972. (41 pp)

WP 62

G.D. Gwyer

Labour in Small-Scale Agriculture: Analysis of the 1970/71 Farm Enterprises Cost Survey.  Labour and Wage Data. September 1972.  (47 pp)

WP 63

T.Y. Shem

A Comparative Analysis of Development Planning. September 1972 (19 pp)

WP 64

P.M. Mbithi; E. Kjellberg

The Role of Voluntary Agencies Operating Youth Programmes in Kenya.  October 1972. (20 pp).

WP 65

F.E. Chege

The Effects of Diffusion of New Agricultural And Related Technologies on Income Distribution Among Rural People in Kenya October 1972.  (19 pp).

WP 66

M.A. Baily

Capital Utilization Rates in Kenya Manufacturing: An Interim Report. October 1972 (33 pp)

WP 67

S.W. Almy

Economic Wealth, Social Cohesion and Health as Factors in Accelerating Rural Development.  September 1972.  (39 pp)

WP 68

R.C. Porter

Estimating the Efficiency of Export by Means of Grief Business interviews. October 1972.  (19 pp)

*WP 69

J. Tobin

Technological Development and Employment. (Now Published as IDS/DP/190).

*WP 70

T.Y. Shen

Organization Input and Economic Development.  (Now Published as IDS/DP/194)

WP 71

J. Tobin

Note on Search Unemployment and Wage Differentials, November 1972 (6 pp).

WP 72

D. Court

Village Polytechnic Leavers: The Maseno Story.  November 1972.  (14 pp)

WP 73

P.N. Hopcraft

Educational Investment. Rural-Urban Migration: Some Notes. November 1972

WP 74

L. Hesling; C. Greenidge

Employment and Employment Creation in Rural Kenya.  November. 1972 (23 pp).

WP 75

L.P. Mureithi

A Framework for Analysing Labour Absorption Capability of Different Firm Sizes In Kenya Manufacturing. December 1972.  (16 pp)

WP 76

J.M. Gachuhi

Sources of Family Planning Information in Kenya.  January 1973, 21 pp.

* WP 77

J.M. Gachuhi

Children’s Education in Kenya: What is the Cost. January 1973. (17 pp)

WP 78

P.A. Memon

The Spatial Dynamics of Trade and Urban Development in Kenya During the Early Colonial Period up to 1915.  January 1973. (40 pp)

WP 79

H.M. Colebatch

Some Political Implications of Service Provision, Roads and Schools and Health Centres.  February 1973. (15 pp)

WP 80

J.D. Von Pischke

A Description of the Co-operative Production Credit Scheme.  December 1972 (21 pp).

WP 81

J.D. Von Pischke

A Proposal for a Study of Smallholder Credit in Kenya. November 1972. (8 pp)

*WP 82

J. Tobin

Notes on the Economic Theory of Expulsion And Expropriation.  (Now published as IDS/DP/164).

WP 83

M. Sumiya

Economic Development and Job Training In Japan.  February 1973 (5 pp)

WP 84

N. Roling; F. Chege; J. Ascroft

Introductory Chapter to “Innovation and Equality in Rural Development Research and Field Experiment in Kenya”.  February 1973. (62 pp)

WP 85

J. Heyer;

Small-holder Credit in Kenya Agriculture February 1973.  (41 pp)

WP 86

P.P.W. Achola

Trade Unionism in Kenya Politics: Leader- Ship and Structure of Workers Movement. March 1973. (32 pp)

WP 87

J.W. Harmsworth

Socio-economic Factors Inhibiting Loan Repayment on Settlement Schemes. February 1973.  (9 pp)

*WP 88

N.W. Temple

Housing Preference and Policy in Kibera - Nairobi.  (Now published as IDS/DP/196).

*WP 89

H.H.A. Chabala
D.H. Kiiru

An Evaluation of the Programming and Implementation Management (PIM) System. (Now published as IDS/DP/192.)

WP 90

D.S. Macrae

Import Licensing in Kenya. March 1973 (48 pp)

WP 91

R. Van Zwanenberg

A History of Population Growth in Kenya and Uganda. March 1973. (27 pp)

WP 92

S.E. Migot-Adholla

Migration and Rural Differentiation. April 1973 (42 pp)

*WP 93

E. Keller

Education, Manpower and Development Notes on Research.  (Withdrawn).

WP 94

J.M. Gachuhi

Youth Attitude Towards Sex in Kenya April 1973.  (20 pp)

*WP 95

J.M. Gachuhi

Venereal Diseases and Society.  April 1973. 27 pp.  (Now published as IDS/DP/178).

WP 96

B. Wasow

Labour Force Allocation in Under-Developed Market Economies. March 1973. (36 pp)

WP 97

C.M. Kamau

The Effects of Kenyanisation on Personal Savings.  April 1973 (20 pp)

*WP 98

V. Vinnai

Role of DFCK in the Industrialisation Process.  (Now Published as IDS/DP/180).

WP 99

W. Ostberg; A Lilljequist

The Social Impact of  Population Growth - A Study of Social Changes in Marakwet Division.  April 1973. (7 pp)

WP 100

N. Roling

A Tested Method to Accelerate the adoption of Income and Employment GeneratingAgricultural Innovation by Less ProgressiveFarmers in Smallholders Areas.  1973 (12 pp)

WP 102

A. Hjort

Rural Electrification in Kenya: An Intensive Study at the Local Level. June. 1973. (7 pp).

*WP 103

G. Dahl

Migration and Interconnections Between A Rural Area and a Small Town (Isiolo): A Summary of the Project Proposal. June. 1973. 7 pp. (Withdrawn).

WP 104

H.L. Feldman

The Effect of Different CommunicationSources in Producing NutritionallyAdvantageous Changes in Health BeliefsIn Kenya.  May 1973.  (3 pp).

*WP 105

R.C. Porter

Towards an Export Policy for Kenya.  May 1973.  (111 pp) (Now published as IDS/DP/177).

WP 106

I. Csakany

A Rural Development Concept for the Nomadic Pastoral People in Kenya.  May 1973. (20 pp).

WP 107

M. Godfrey; G. Mutiso

The Political Economy of Self-help Kenya’s Harambee Institutes of Technology. June 1973.  (31 pp).

WP 108

K.S. Kim

The Balance of Payments and Employment - Creation Effects of Import Substitution in Kenya - An Input-Output Approach. June 1973.  (17 pp)

WP 109

T. Masaya

An Analysis of Capacity Utilization of Nairobi Airport.  One Use of Some Probability Models in Decision Making.  April 1973 (23 pp)

WP 110

N. Nyangira

Towards a Balanced Parliament and Government in Kenya.  May 1973.  (13 pp)

*WP 112

J.M. Gachuhi

African Youth: Their Knowledge Attitude And Practice Towards Family Planning. (Now published as IDS/DP/189).

WP 113

J.M. Gachuhi

Anatomy of Prostitutes and Prostitution In Kenya. July 1973. (26 pp)

WP 116

S.M. Kimani; D.F.R. Taylor

The Role of Growth Centres in Rural Development: Theory Methodology and Data August 1973. (14 pp).

WP 117

S.M. Kimani; D.R.F. Taylor

The Role of Growth Centres in Rural Development: II Conclusions and Recommendations.  August 1973. (24 pp)

WP 118

E. Keller

The Role of Harambee Schools in Education For Development.  July 1973. (50 pp).

*WP 119

H. Chabala

A Further Evaluation of the Programming And Implementation Management (PIM) (Now published as IDS/DP/192).

*WP 120

A.A. Rozental

Metropolitan Revenue Sources: The Nairobi Case. (Now published as IDS/DP/191.)

WP 121

M.A.H. Wallis

Training Problems of Community Development: A Proposal for Research. July 1973. (9 pp)

*WP 122

J.R. King

Financial Policy in Kenya: The Background to the Reserve Crisis of 1971. (Now published as IDS/DP/186)

WP 123

H. Huntington

Ethnicity in Kenya Rural-Urban Migration. A Test of the Information Hypothesis. August 1973.  (16 pp)

WP 124

P. Thresher

Some Economic Problems of Wildlife Utilisation in Kajiado District.  October 1973.  (26 pp)

WP 125

B. Wasow

Regional Inequality and Migration in Kenya: Some Indirect Evidence. October 1973. (32 pp).

*WP 126

J.M. Gachuhi

African Youth and Family Planning: Knowledge, Attitude and Practices. (Now published as IDS/DP/189)

WP 127

F.C. Child

An Empirical Study of Small-Scale Rural Industry in Kenya.  November 1973. (54 pp)

WP 128

F.C. Child

Entrepreneurship, Management and Labour In a Society in Transition.  November 1973. (17 pp).

WP 129

S. Schonherr
E.S. Mbugua

Rapid Development of Kenya’s Small Farms. October 1973. (23 pp)

WP 130

F.C. Child

Programs and Policies for Promoting Growth Of the Intermediate Sector in Kenya.  November 1973. (8 pp).

WP 131

T.C. Ryan

The West African Slave Trade.  November 1973.  (34 pp)

WP 132

T.C.I. Ryan

The Use of Slaves in West Africa. November 1973.  (14pp).

WP 133

T. Masaya

Spectral Methods in Economies: A Discussion. December 1973.  (15 pp)

WP 134

F. Dharamsi

Some Aspects of Internal Dynamics and Social Development of Kaloleni.  January. 1974. (20 pp)

*WP 135

L.P. Mureithi

Demographic and Technological Variables In Kenya’s Employment Scene.  (Now published as IDS/P/201).

*WP 136

M. Harper

A Prototype Experiment to Test Possibility of Cost-Effective Extension Service for Small-Scale Retailers.  (Now published as IDS/DP/193)

WP 137

E. Elkan

Enumerated Employment and the Regional Distribution of Income in Kenya.  April 1974. (6 pp)

WP 138

O.N. Gakuru

School Certificate Performances as a Predictor of Success in Higher Education. January 1974. (14 pp)

*WP 139

B.R. Bolnick

Comparative Harambee History and Theory of Voluntary Collective Behaviour. (Now published as IDS/DP/198).

WP 140

P. Henning

The Popular Sector - a Framework for Analysis of Urban Employment Problems In Kenya.  January 1974. (17 pp)

WP 141

G. Hunter

Rural-Urban Migration in Tropical Africa January 1974. (29 pp)

*WP 142

H. Rempel

Analysis of the Information on Inter-District Migration Provided in the 1969 Kenya Census.  March 1974 (96 pp) ( Now published as IDS/DP/244)

*WP 143


Sex Education Controversy: The Views of The Youth and Teachers in Kenya. March 1974. (45 pp) (Now published as IDS/DP/225)

*WP 144

J.M. Gachuhi

Social Characteristics of PatientsSeeking Venereal Disease TreatmentIn Public Health Centres. (Now published as IDS/DP/202)

*WP 145

J.D. Von Pischke

A Critical Survey on Approaches to the Role of Credit in Smallholder Development. February 1974. (21 pp) (Now published as IDS/DP/233)

WP 146

M.P. Cowen

The concentration of  Sales and Assets: Dairy Cattle and Tea in Magutu - 1964-1971. March 1974.  (88 pp).

*WP 147

R.E. Stren

Urban Development in Kenya and Tanzania: A Comparative Analysis.  (Now published as IDS/DP/232).

WP 148

A.P. Jones

Measuring the Impact of the Kenyan Family Planning Programme.  March 1974. (17 pp)

WP 149

J. Heyer; I. Inukai

The Agricultural Mechanization and Employment.  March 1974 (18 pp)

*WP 150

H. Rempel; W.J. House

The Determinants of and Changes in the Structure of Wages and Employment in the Manufacturing Sector of the Kenya Economy.  March 1974.  (35 pp) (Now published as IDS/DP/207).

WP 151

G. Alibaruho

Resources, Allocation, Community, Supply And Income Distribution Aspects of Agricultural Pricing in Kenya.  March 1974. (16 pp)

WP 152

L.P. Mureithi

 Effectively Increasing Employment: An Agenda for Business.  March 1974.  (12 pp)

WP 153

A. Wachtel

Forgotten But Not Gone.  Slum Clearance In Old Bondeni, Nakuru.  March 1974 (31 pp)

*WP 154

P.M. Mbithi; C. Barnes

Conceptual Analysis of Approaches to Rural Development.  March 1974 (31 pp) (Now published as IDS/DP/204).

WP 155

T.B. Kabwegyere

Time and Planned Change.  April 1974. (21 pp).

WP 156

A.O. Pala

The Changing Economic Position of Women in Rural Area: Case Studies from Kisumu District, Kenya. April 1974.

WP 157

M.P. Miracle

Myths About the Behaviour of Kikuyu Labourers in the Early Colonial Period. April 1974.  (11 pp)

WP 158

M.P. Miracle

Economic Change Among the Kikuyu - 1895-1905.  April 1974. (32 pp)

WP 159

H. Remple

An Estimate of Kenya’s Force. May 1974. (18 pp).

WP 160

H. Remple

The Extent and Nature of the Population Movement into Kenyan Towns.  May 1974 (41 pp)

WP 161

A.P. Jones

The Practice of Contraception by Clients Of the Kenyan Family Planning Program. April 1974 (17 pp)

WP 162

G. Dahl

Some Preliminary Notes on Isiolo Town- Dwellers. July 1974 (23 pp)

WP 163

V. Rodrigues

A Policy Review for Nutritional Goals May 1974. (15 pp)

*WP 164

H.W.O. Okoth- Ogendo

Property Theory and Land Use.  May 1974. (42 pp) (Now published as IDS/DP/209).

WP 165

T. Killick

The Possibilities of Development Planning. May 1974.  (33 pp)

WP 166

D. Hunt

Agricultural Innovation in Mbere. June 1974.  (71 pp)

WP 167

H.K. Charlesworth

Increasing the number of Bumiputra Entrepreneurs.  June 1974.  (77 pp)

WP 168

G. Alibaruho

Regional Supply Elasticities in Uganda Cotton Industry and the Disappearing Cotton Bales.  June 1974.  (25 pp)

WP 169

J.R. King

Simulating Kenya’s Balance of Payments. June 1974.  (25 pp)

WP 170

M. Harper

Sugar and Maize Meal - Cases in Inappropriate Technology.  June 1974.  (17 pp)

WP 171

M. Hodd

A Design for an Econometric Model of the Kenyan Economy.  July 1974. (20 pp).

WP 172

A. Wachtel

The Urban Image-Stereo Types of Urban Life in Kenya.  April 1974. (18 pp)

WP 173

M. Hodd

Aggregate Supply in Kenya: Production Functions for Four Major Sectors.  July 1974. (13 pp)

WP 174

G. Walsham; C. Slater

A General Systems Simulation of the Kenyan Economy.  July 194.  (20 pp)

WP 175

A. Hjort

Socio-Economic Effects of Rural Electrification on Interim Report.  July 1974.  (34 pp)

WP 176

G. Alibaruho

Pricing Policy and Disappearing Farmers Income in Uganda Cotton.  July 1974 (20 pp)

WP 177

G. Alibaruho

A Survey of Empirical Evidence About African Farmer Response to Price. August 1974.  (33 pp)

WP 178

J.E. Reynolds

Ethnicity and Rural Self-Help Initiative July 1974. (10 pp)

WP 179

M.N. Kiggundu

Manpower Development and Training in Kenya: Preliminary Findings.  July 1974 (26 pp)

WP 180

D. Hunt

Resource Use in a Medium Potential Area: The Mbere Rural Economy.  August 1974 (47 pp)

WP 181

A Wachtel

A Preliminary Analysis of some Social Surveys of Old Bondeni, Nakuru: The Tenants Population.  August 1974.  (20 pp)

WP 182

G. Alibaruho

Operations of Export Monopoly and Price Stabilising Boards in the east and East Africa: A Review of Methodology and Results.  September 1974.  (27 pp)

WP 183

L.P. Mureithi

A Production Function Analysis of Different Firms Size in Kenya.  September 1974.  (23 pp).

WP 184

L.P. Mureithi

Factor Intensity in Kenya’s Industrial Sector: Am Input Ratio Analysis. August 1974.  (12 pp)

*WP 185

N. Gakuru

Specialization Within Secondary and Higher Education.  The Loss of Ability And its Implications.  October 1974. (25 pp) (Now published as IDS/DP/223).

WP 186

S. Schonherr; E.S. Mbugua

Staff Training for More Efficient Extension.  September 1974.  (29 pp)

WP 187

I. Gershenberg

The Performance of Industrial Firms in Uganda.  September 1974.  (24 pp)

WP 188

G. Alibaruho

Production Structure and Income Generation in the Uganda Economy. September 1974.  (21 pp)

WP 189

A Wachtel

Minding Her Own Business Economic Enterprises of Women in Nakuru Part 1. September 1974.  (17 pp)

WP 190

A. Wachtel

Groups and Co-operatives: Economic Enterprises of Women in Nakuru Part 2 September 1974.  (23 pp)

WP 191

W.O. Oyugi

Assessing Local Administrative Capacity For Development.  1974.  (20 pp)

WP 192

G. Alibaruho

The Dynamics of Location.  A Von Thunen Supply Analysis of the Changing Spatial Characteristics of Cotton in Uganda. October 1974.  (10 pp)

WP 193

W.O. Oyugi

Community Development as a Strategy for Local Development.  A Theoretical Re-Examination.  October 1974.  (13 pp)

WP 194

J. Heyer

A Survey of Agricultural Development in The Small Farm Areas of Kenya.  October 1974.  (64 pp)

WP 195

P Henning

Data Needs for Analysing the Urban Employment Problem in Kenya.  A Survey Proposal.  October 1974. (38 pp)

WP 196

J. Harrisworth

Introduction to Problems of Loan Repayment on Settlement Schemes in Kenya. November 1974.  (33 pp)

WP 197

B.F. Johnston; G. Muchiri

Equipment and Tillage: Innovations for Small-Scale Farmers in Kenya.  November 1974.  (77 pp).

*WP 198

M. Wallis

The Community Development Assistant in Kenya.  A Study of the Administration of Personnel and Rural Development. December 1974.  (30 pp).  (Now published as IDS/DP/231).

*WP 199

B. Mikkelson

Skill Formation and Rural Industrial Development.  December 1974. (23 pp). (Now published as IDS/DP/149).

WP 200

K.A. Staudt

The Effects of Government Agriculture Policy on Women Farmers in Kenya: A Research Proposal. November 1974. (23 pp)

WP 201

R.J. Whitacre

Population Growth in Kenya: Some Policy Recommendations.  January 1974. (21 pp)

WP 202

R. Kaplinsky

Choice of Technology in the Food Processing Industries with Particular Reference to The Situation and Orientation of Technical Change: Project Proposal.  December 1974. (20 pp)

WP 203

L. G. Gaile

Geomathematical Analysis of Growth Centre Patterns in the Nairobi Region. December 1974.  (12 pp)

WP 204

J.D. Von Pischke

A Penny Saved -Kenyans Co-operative Savings Scheme: Some Related Aspects of Rural Finance. January 1975. (49 pp)

WP 205

T. Walden

Entrepreneurial Illiquidity Preference And the Extended Family.  December 1974 (14 pp)

WP 206

D. Court

The Experience of Higher Education in East Africa.  Prospects for a Developmental Role. December 1974. (41 pp)

WP 207

J. Metson

Discussion of the Base Line Survey for the Evaluation of the Foot and Mouth Disease Control Programme in Narok and Kajiado District.  January 1975. (12 pp)

*WP 208

K. Kinyanjui

Secondary School Strikes: The Art of Blaming the Victim. February 1975. (34 pp).  (Now Published as IDS/DP/243).

WP 209

J. Metson

The Economics of Beef/Dairy Supply in the Traditional Farm Sector. Policy and Methodological Investigations. March 1975. (17 pp)

WP 210

I. Livingstone

Kenya’s Rural Industrial Development Programme: An Evaluation of Experience and Proposals for Action.  April 1975. (38 pp)

WP 211

T.R. Masaya

Spectral Analysis on Rainfall Series in Kenya.  March 1975. (28 pp)

WP 212

D. Hunt

Methodological Issues and Selected Findings of an Analysis of the Distribution of Wealth and Income in Mbere Division, Eastern Kenya. March 1975. (50 pp)

WP 213

R.J. Whitacre

Simulation of Nonlinear Econometric Models, April 1975. (15 pp)

WP 214

I. Livingstone

Prospects for Population Limitation in Kenya: State Evidence from the Vihiga Programme. April 1975. (23 pp)

WP 215

R.J. Whitacre

Optimal Development Policy: Search Procedures in Macroeconomic Models June 1975. (15 pp)

WP 216

R.J. Whitacre

Sectoral Planning in Kenya: A Proposed Macroeconomic Model. June 1975 (21 pp)

WP 217

J.K. Maitha

Time-Series Production Function and Technological Progress in Kenyan Industry. June 1975. (7 pp)

WP 218

T.R. Masaya

Spectral Analysis of Coffee, Maize and Wheat Production in Kenya. May 1975. (9 pp)

WP 219

T. Johnson

Some Considerations Concerning Marketing Planning in the African Developmental Context.  May 1975. (9 pp)

*WP 220

I. Livingstone

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Non-Individualist Note on Traditional Motivation Theories in the Context of African Organizations.  October 1975. (14 pp)

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Methodology of Economic History. October 1975. (5 pp)

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Marketing of Food Crops and Purchase of Indians Commodities by Nyanza Small Holders 1970-1971.  December 1975. (59 pp)

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(28 pp)

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Agricultural Administration in Kenya.  A Review.  December 1975.  (31 pp)

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Development Administration and Decentralisation.  Some Administrative
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Nutrition and Infection in National Development.  January 1976. (14 pp)

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Company Formation in Kenya Before 1945 with Particular Reference to the Role of Foreign Capital.  May 1976.  (89 pp)

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The Role of the State in Kenya’s Post War Industrialisation, September 1976. (82 pp)

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Chayanov’s Model of Peasant Household Resources Allocation and Its Relevance to Mbere Division Eastern Kenya. August 1976. (38 pp)

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The Role of Public Bureaucracy In Agricultural Development In Kisumu District - Western Kenya. August 1976. (35 pp)

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On the Measurement of Capital in Choice Of Techniques Analysis. 1976.

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Some Myths About the African Working Class. December 1976. (27 pp)

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Reaching the Rural Poor: Lessons from the Kenyan Special Rural Development. January 1977.  (21 pp).

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The Development of Political Thought in the Works of Ngugi wa Thiong’o.  February. 1977 (18 pp)

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The Marketing of maize and Beans in Kenya: A Proposal for Improved Effectiveness.  February 1977.  (44 pp)

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Investigation into Several Economic and Demographic Decisions in Rural Kenya Households: A Research Proposal. March 1977 (30 pp).

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Harambee and Rural Development in Kenya: Towards a Political-Administrative Re-interpretation.  March 1977. (24 pp)

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Creation of the Kitui Asomi.  October 1977. (34 pp)

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Kanduti: A Case Study.  October 1977.  (27 pp)

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Education for Accounting and Finance Functions in Banking.  June 1977. (34 pp)

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A Method of Measuring the Gini Ratio of Inequality in Kenya.  June 1977. (9 pp)

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Women’s Education and Roles in Kenya: July 1977.  (90 pp.)

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The Effectiveness of Growth and Services Centre’s Policy as an Instrument for Rural Development in Kenya.  July 1977 (26 pp)

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Non-Formal Education and Levels of Living: A Study of Factors Affecting the Quality of Life for Rural Families in Mbooni. July 1977 (18 pp)

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Regional Inequality and Development. September 1977. (33 pp)

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Personal Savings in Africa: Strengthening the Institutional Framework (Commercial Banks, Post Office Savings Banks, Thrift and Credit Co-operatives, and Saving Bank Power). August 1975.  (35 pp)

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Working and Leisure in Modern Nandi: Preliminary Results of a Study of Time Allocation.  September 1977.  (30 pp)

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Socio-Economic Determinants of Repetition and Early School Withdrawal at the Primary Level and Their Implications for Educational Planning in Kenya.  September 1977 (46 pp)

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The Role of Public Bureaucracy in Agricultural Development: A Theoretical Perspective.  October 1977.  (35 pp)

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Kenya Agricultural Policy: The Colonial Roots of African Smallholder Agricultural Policy and Services.  November 1977.  (48 pp)

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The Economic Rights of Nandi Women. November 1977.  (18 pp)

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Trade Policy as a Determinant of Industrial Structure: The Case of the Kenyan Industry. November 1977. (23 pp).

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Regional Inequality in Kenya.  November 1977. (80 pp)

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Socio-Economic Constraints to the Diffusion Adoption - Demand of Fertilizer Among Small-Scale Farmers: A Kenyan Case Study.  January 1978.  (20 pp)

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National Interests in International Stabilization Schemes.  February 1978. (20 pp)

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Kenya’s Economic Policy with Respect to the World Market.  April 1978. (34 pp)

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Survey of Land Use Problems in Kajiado District: A Review of Methodology.  May 1978. (30 pp).

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Inappropriate Products and Technics in U.D.C.’s: Breakfast Food in Kenya.  May 1978. (9 pp)

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Trends in the Distribution of Income in Kenya 1966-76.  June 1978.  (28 pp)

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Coping with Drought in Kenya Maasailand: Pastoralists and Farmers of the Loitokitok Area, Kajiado District.  July 1978.  (56 pp). (Now published as IDS/DP.267).

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The Application of the Concept of Comprehensive and Integrated Regional Planning to the Development of the Lake Victoria Basin.  March 1979.  (34 pp). (Now published in IDS/OP/34).

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Population and Its Implications for Resources Development in the Lake Victoria Basin.  March 1979.  (33 pp). (Now published in IDS/OP/34).

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On Relevant Literacy Content.  April 1976. (20 pp).

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Specialized Farm Credit Institutions: A Model of Supply - Leading Finance for Farmers in Low-Income Countries.  August 1978.  (24 pp).

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P. Wyth

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Kenya Commercial Bank Loans in Rural Areas: A Survey.  August 1978. (43 pp).

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Equity, Profit, and Risk: An Evaluation of the Role of Commercial Bank in Redistribution with Growth.  January 1979. (40 pp)

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The Development of Large-Scale Integrated Sugar Schemes in Eastern Kenya.  September 1978. (20 pp).

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Kenya’s Marine Fisheries. A General Outline of Policy and Activities.  October 1978. (Now published in IDS/OP/30). (44 pp).

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Resource Allocation to Agricultural Research in Kenya - 1963 to the Present. October 1978. (25 pp)

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 A Study of the Supply Functions for Fish in the Kenyan Waters of Lake Victoria and on the Kenya Coast. December 1978.  (50 pp).

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Nairobi’s Informal Sector: A Reservoir of Dynamic Entrepreneurs or a Residual Pool Of Surplus Labour. December 1978. (40 pp)

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Notes on the Rule of Law and Justice and The Constitutional Propriety of Some Recent Development in the Kenya Government. January 1979.  (Withdrawn).

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Employment Creation in Light of the New Report of the National Committee on Education Objectives and Policies.  January 1979.  (14 pp)

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A Preliminary Report on Group Ranching in Narok District.  February 1979.  (17 pp)

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Household Resource Allocation Among the Luhya of East Bunyore: A Case Study Approach. March 1979.  (23 pp)

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Development or Decline: Resources, Land Use and Population Growth - in Kajiado District. March 1979.  (24 pp)

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Cotton Production in the Lake Victoria Basin Of Kenya.  April 1979.  (39 pp). (Now published in IDS/OP/34).

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Land on Loan: An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Loan Repayment on the Million Acre Schemes.  July 1979. (64 pp).

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Factors Inhibiting Economic Development on Rotian Olmakongo Group ranch.  July 1979. (40 pp).

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Methodological Issues in a Study of Resource Allocation Decisions Among Embu Farmers.  July 1979.  (27 pp)

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The Impact of Technical Change on the Rural Kenyan Household: Evidence from the Integrated Agricultural Development Program. A Research Proposal and Literature Review. August 1979. (38 pp).

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Village Polytechnics in Central Kenya: Progress, Problems and Prospects. December 1979.  (23 pp)

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Coping with Land Scarcity: The Pattern of Household Adaptations in one Luhya Community.  July 1980.  (33 pp).

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Notes on the Evolution of Overseas Training Policy in Kenya.  February 1980.  (27 pp)

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Skills Formation in the Kenyan Informal Economy.  March 1980.  (28 pp).

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Limitations in Application of Transportation Planning Methods in Tropical Africa: A Case Study of Rural Travel in Kirinyaga District, Kenya.  February 1980. (38 pp).

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Is Small Beautiful?  The Organizational Conditions for Effective Small-Scale, Self-help Development Projects in Rural Kenya. March 1980. (27 pp).

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Management Planning for Tourism in Amboseli: Incorporating behavioural Information on Park Users.  March 1980. (29 pp)

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Education, Employment and Wages in Employment in Kenya.  April 1980.  (24 pp)

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Some Legal Rights and Obligations of Women in Kenya: a Layperson language Approach.  April 1980.  (22 pp)

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Pastoralism and Strategies: Socio-Economic Change in Pastoral Sector of Baringo District, Kenya.  April 1980. (26 pp)

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Education, Innovation and Income in Rural Kenya.  June 1980.  (14 pp)

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Parastatals in Kenya: Analysis of Their Condition and Methods for and Improved Performance.  June 1980.  (17 pp)

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Education, Employment and Income Incipient Economic Stratification in LandScarce Bunyore. August 1980. (22 pp)

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Organization of the Decision Process in Kenya. September 1980. (38 pp)

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Education and Inequality in Kenya: Some Research Experience and Issues. April 1981. (27 pp).

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Socio-Political Imperative in the History of Health Development in Kenya. November 1980. (15 pp)

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Education and Development in Africa Theories, Strategies and Practical Implications. September 1980. (50 pp).

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A School Psychological Approach to Nutrition Education, Utilizing Ethnographic and Experimental Methods.  November 1980.  (16 pp).

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Formation of an Industrial Labour Force in Kenya.  Participation of  State and Capital In Training Labour for Metal Manufacturing.

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The Origins of Student Disturbances: The Kenya Case. February 1981.  (20 pp)

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The Formation of Engineering Labour Markets in Kenya. 1918-1979.  February 1981.  (23 pp)

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The Development of a Middle Peasantry In Nyanza.  February 1981. (24 pp).

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P. Bennell

A Quantitative Assessment of the Utilization of Engineering Manpower in Kenya.  May 1981. (69 pp).

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A. Haugerud

Development and Household Economy in Two Eco-Zones of Embu District.  July 1981. (41 pp)

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A. Haugerud

Economic Differentiation Among Peasant Households: A Comparison of Embu Coffee and Cotton Zones. July 1981. (21 pp)

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Pyrolysis of Wood in the Supply and Conservation of Fuel in Kenya.  August 1981.  (24 pp)

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Livestock Marketing in Samburuland, Kenya: An Investigation of Socio-Cultural Context of Marketing Behaviour. August 1981. (22 pp)

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The Effects of Increased Crop Production on Livestock Investments in a Semi-Arid Area: Some Examples From Baringo District, Kenya. August 1981.  (30 pp)

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The Village Polytechnic and the Family Life Training  Programmes: Purpose, Progress and Problems.  December 1981.  (16 pp)

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Famine, Famine Relief and Public Policy in Kitui District.  February 1982.  (41 pp)

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The Rendille Economy - Some Preliminary Findings on Trading Activities.  March 1982. (34 pp)

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F.C. Okuthe

Public Investment for Private Enterprise.  A Study of the Role of Parastatals as an Actor and Indicator of Social Change in Kenya.  May 1982. (46 pp)

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N. Mwaniki

Social Economic Impacts of Land Reform in Mbeere.  June 1982.  (72 pp)

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T. Dietz; A. V. Haastrecht

Market Integration in Elgeyo Marakwet and West Pokot: Comparing Households and Locations. June 1982.  (12 pp)

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Alan F. Fowler

Seasonal Aspects of Education in Eastern and Southern Africa.  November 1982.  (32 pp)

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The Marketing of Highlands Samburu Cattle: A Community Study of Pastoralist Capabilities and Options in the Subsistence and Commercial Sectors.  October 1982.  (20 pp)

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B. Mikkelsen

Industry and Labour in Kenya: Import Substitution Strategy and Industrial Training at a Crossroad.  March 1983.

WP 396

T. Dietz; A.V. Haastrecht

Rapid Rural Appraisal in Kenya’s Wild West: Economic Change and Market Integration in Alale Location, West Pokot District. March 1983.  (44 pp)

WP 397

A. Castro

Household Energy Use and Tree Planting in Kirinyaga

WP 398

P.E. Coughlin

Converting Crisis to Boon for Kenyan Foundries and Metal Engineering Industries Technical Possibilities Versus Political and Bureaucratic Obstacles. August 1983. (35 pp)

WP 399

F. Homquist

Tanzania’s Retreat from Statism in the Countryside. August 1983. (17 pp)

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L. Sperling

Labour Organization in a Nomadic Pastoral Society: The Theoretical and Methodological Framework for Research. January 1984. (53 pp)

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N.J. Kathuri

Some Factors which Influence the Performance of Pupils in the Certificate of Primary Education. May 1984.  (24 pp)

WP 402

P.A. Dewees

Renewable Energy Technologies in Kenya: A Place in the Sun for Private Sector?  The Framework for a Market Study of Renewable Energy Technologies For Small-Scale Irrigation in Kenya.  March 1984. (28 pp)

WP 403

P.O. Alila

Kenya General Elections in Bondo and Gem: The Origins of Lou Ethnic Factor in Modern Politics. June 1984. (41 pp)

WP 404

B.A. Okech

Kenya’s Coal/Fuel Oil Substitution Potential: Implications to Dependence on Imported Oil and the Economy’s Adjustment Capability. July 1984. (57 pp)

*WP 405

M. Schluter

International Constraints on Kenya’s Agricultural Exports to Oil Exporting Countries.  June 1984. (43 pp) (Now published as IDS/OP/43).

*WP 406

M. Scluter

Policies to increase production of Commodities with Export Potential to Oil Exporter Markets, June (1984. 52 pp). (Now published as IDS/OP/43).

*WP 407

M. Schluter

An Institutional Framework for Developing Kenya’s Food and Beverage Exports.  June 1984.  (Now published as IDS/OP/43)

WP 408

P.O. Alila

Luo Ethnic Factor in the 1979 and 1983 Elections in Bondo and Gem - Kenya. June 1984.  (64 pp)

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B. Grosh

Improving Parastatal Performance: An Organizational Approach.  A Research Proposal.  July 1984.  (25 pp)

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P Coughlin

Dies, Moulds, and Patterns: Costly Devices Needed for Deepening Import Substitution.  August 1984 (38 pp). (See East African Economic Review, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1985).

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The Politics of Ideology and Personality Rivalry in Murang’a District, Kenya: A Study of Electoral Competition. September 1984.  (37 pp)

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N.G. Wanjohi

The Politics of Land, Elections and Democratic Performance in Kenya: A Case Study of Nakuru District.  November 1984. (47 pp)

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P.A. Dewees

Using Renewable Energy Technologies for Small-Scale Irrigation in Kenya: the Problems and Prospects for the Use of Wind and Solar Energy Technologies for Agricultural Development.  October 1984. (106 pp)

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L Sperling

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The Role of the Informal Sector in the Development of Small and Intermediate Size Cities: The Informal Sector in Nakuru November 1984.  (50 pp) (Now Published as IDS/OP/60)

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Secondary School Education for Girls in Kenya. The need for a more Science - Based Curriculum to enhance Women’s greater participation in Development, June 1988 (34 pp.)

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Sedentrarization in Turkana: Social and Ecological Consequences (A Proposal). April 1990 (17 pp.)

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Industrial District or Garment Ghetto?  The Case Study of Nairobi’s Mini-Manufacturer’s. January 1995 (25pp.)

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Struggles of Access to Land: the Land Question, Accumulation and Changing Politics in Kenya. January 1996 (32 pp)

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The Social and Economic Impact of Individual Land Titling in Mbeere, Eastern Kenya. February 1996(91 pp)

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Gender and Agricultural Supply Response to Structural Adjustment Programmes: A Case Study of Smallholder Tea Production in Kericho, April 1996 (31 pp.)

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Collective Efficiency in the Fish Industry: Lessons From Uhanya Beach Census, June 1996, (29 pp.)

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Pollution by Sugar Industries in Kenya: The Damage To Communities along River Nyando.  July 1996 (47 pp)

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Technical Change and Entrepreneurship in a Marginal Area: The Case of Agricultural Innovators in Mbeere, Eastern Kenya.  July 1996 (49 pp).

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A Study of the Missing Middle in Kenya. November 1996. (44 pp.)

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The Relevance of the Electoral System: A Simulation of 1992 Kenyan Elections. February 1997 (69 pp.)

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Dynamism Among the Japanese Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises and Its Implications for Development of Manufacturing SMEs in Kenya. December 1997, (28 pp)

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Women’s and Men’s Second-Hand Clothes Businesses in Two Secondary Towns in Kenya.  November 1998 (46 pp.) Pbk

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Risk as a constraint to Micro-Enterprise Growth. November 1998 (22 pp.) Pbk.

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Institutions and the Industrialisation Process: A Proposal for a Study of the Textile and Textile Products Industry in Kenya. May 1999. (36 pp.) Pbk

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Employees in Small Enterprises in Nairobi.  Job Search And Career Patterns.  May 1999 (29 pp.) Pbk

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Socio-Economic Background and Informal Sector Business Performance of Women Entrepreneurs in Eldoret.  December 1998 (19 pp.) Pbk

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Popular Culture, Family Relations and Issues of Everyday Democracy: A Study of Youth in Pumwani. November 2000 (30 pp.) Pbk

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Public Procurement: Lessons from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania (forthcoming)

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Value Chains in Small Scale Garment Producers in Nairobi: Challenges in Shifting from the Old Global Regime of Import Substitution to a More Liberalised Global Regime.  2003. (34 pp) Pbk

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Firm Compliance to Regulatory Enforcement Of Industrial Wastewater Standards in Kenya 2002 (44 pp) Pbk.

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The Interplay Between Commodities Markets And Rural Livelihoods: A Focus on the Tea Industry in Rural Kenya.  June 2003. (19 pp) pbk

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Livelihood Diversification and Entrepreneurship: An Analysis of Production and Marketing Innovations in Smallholder Farming in a Rural Kenyan District, Mbeere.  March 2003. (49pp) Pbk

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The Soko Huru Trade Network Building, Informal Contracts and Compliance Failure in the Marketing of Green Leaf Tea in Rural Kenya. June 2004. (32 pp) Pbk

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Land Use and Tenure: Entitlement Rights for and Community-based Wildlife and Forest Conservation in Taita Taveta, Kenya. 2006. (66 pp) Pbk  

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Governance and its Implications for Gender Inequalities in the Jua Kali Economy in Nairobi. (55 pp) Pbk

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Negotiating Livelihood: An Analysis of Rural Household Resources and their Utilisation in Nyamira District, Mid South-Western Kenya. 2006. (82 pp) Pbk

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Implementing Road Transport Safety Measures in Kenya: Policy Issues and Challenges. 2007. (44 pp) Pbk (Now Published as IDS/OP75)

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Biotechnology Innovation in Kenya: Where are the Smallholder Farmers? 2007 (41pp) Pbk

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Donor Proliferation and Coordination: Experiences of Kenya and Indonesia. 2009 (34pp) Pbk

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Market Diversification Strategy and Success of Food Processing Firms in Kenya, 2020

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Availability of Technical Skills in the Kenyan Clothing Industry and its Implications on Competitiveness in the Post-MFA Era, 2018

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Aid, Governance and Development in Africa: Listening to New Voices, 2014

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