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Miscellaneous Papers

Miscellaneous Papers




MP 1

E.J. Wells; E.R. Rado

Constraints & Costs in the Kenya Building Industry. 1968

MP 2

F. Mitchell

The Costs and Benefits of Tourism in Kenya. 1968.

MP 3

 J.R. Moris

An Appraisal of Rural Development in Kenya with Suggestions for an Intensified Rural Development Programme: A preliminary Draft. 1969. (118pp)

MP 4

D. Shepard; C. Rado; R. Emil

Nairobi Urban Studies and IDS. 1969

MP 5

F.A. Wilson 

The Marketing of Fruit and Vegetables In Kenya: An Economic Assessment of the Marketing System - and Six Case Studies

MP 6

J. Heyer; D. Ireri

An Inventory Survey of Rural Development in Kenya: Interim Report

MP 7

J. Heyer; D. Ireri

Rural Development in Kenya: A Survey of Fourteen Districts with Recommendations for Intensified Development. December 1969 (165 pp)

MP 8

E.J. Wells

The Production and Marketing of Ballast In Kenya. December 1969. (112 pp).

MP 9

S.M. Gatabaki

Monopolies, Restrictive Practices and Industrial Development

MP 10

Institute for Development Studies

Proposals for Evaluation of the special Rural Development Programme Submitted By the Joint MPED-SSD/IDS Steering Committee to the Members of the National Rural Development Committee - 15 May. 1970

MP 11

W.T. Martin

Family Planning Attitudes and Know-Ledge: A Study of African Families in Nairobi. June 1970

MP 12

G.C.M. Mutiso

Kenya: Technical Education and Change. 1970. (See East African Journal 8 (8) August 1971).

*MP 13

R. Lacey

Balance of Payment Effects of Private Foreign Manufacturing Investment Kenya. May 1970.

MP 14

M.G. Phelps

Marketing Problems in Textiles and Garments in Nairobi. July 1970

*MP 15

B. Mazumdar

The Theory of Urban Unemployment in Less-Developed Countries. (a summary). August 1970

*MP 16

D.M.G. Newberry

Social Cost-benefit Analysis of Intensive Beef Production: Summary Notes

MP 17

J.M. Wolgin

A Proposal to Study Rural Transport in Kenya. August 1970

*MP 18

E. Whitelaw; A. Battersby

An Examination of the Calcutta Low-cost Housing Program and its Applicability to Nairobi.  July 1970

*MP 19

T.J. Aldington

The Animal Feeds Industry in Kenya: A Preliminary Survey. May. 1970 (56 pp)

MP 20

L.D. Smith

The Storage of Wheat on Farms: An Analysis of a Survey of Wheat Farmers’ Facilities. 1970.

MP 21

F.A. Wilson; T.J. Aldington

Recent Development in Cattle Marketing in Kenya. January 1969 (16 pp)

MP 22

L.D. Smith

A Wheat Policy for the 1970s.  1970

*MP 23

T.J. Aldington

Cotton Working Party: a Working Draft on Some Economic Issues. February 1971.

MP 24

D.K. Leonard

A Survey Evaluating the Curriculum of the Animal Health and Industry Training Institute. 1971

* MP 25

John R. Nellis

One Lost and/or Stolen Driving Licence: A Personal Case Study of Kenyan Bureaucracy.  1971

*MP 26

W.E. Whitelaw

Survey of Low-Income Households in Nairobi. 1970

*MP 27

W.E. Whitelaw

A Summary of the City Council of Nairobi Home Interview Survey: Questionnaire and Sampling procedures. 1970

* MP 28

G.D. Gwyer

Preliminary Report on Agricultural Chemicals for the Working Party of cost Of Agricultural Inputs. 1971

*MP 29

P.M. Mbithi; J. Olewe

Report of the United Nations on Youth Service Programmes in Kenya. 1972. (73 pp)

*MP 30

D.G.R. Belshaw

An Outline of Procedures for District Development Planning in Kenya.

*MP 31

H. E. Dahl

Some Notes on the Construction of a Kenyan Input-output Table for 1966

*MP 32

V.Q. Alvis; P Temu

Marketing of Maize in Kenya

*MP 33

V.Q. Alvis; P Temu

Banana Marketing in Kenya

*MP 34

Z. Onyonka

Report on the Loan Scheduled for Large Farmers Submitted to Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. 1969

MP 35

M.J. Westlake

British Company Taxation and Automatic Stabilisation.  November 1969

*MP 36

H. Rempel

The Determinants and Implications of Urban Unemployment in Kenya. 1968

MP 37

H. Rempel
M.P. Todaro

Rural-to-Urban Labour Migration in Kenya: Some Preliminary Findings of a Large-Scale Survey. December 1969.

*MP 38

R.J.H. Chambers

Report of an Independent Evaluation Mission on the Integrated Rural Development Project BD1-7.  June 1971

MP 39

M.J. Westlake

A Study of Taxation as it Affects the Coffee Industry in Kenya.  1970.

MP 40

L.D. Smith

The Role of Maize Research in Kenya Agricultural Development. (23 pp)

*MP 41

J. Ascroft et al.

The Tetu Extension Pilot Project: A Special Rural Development Programme Report.  Paper Presented at the Workshop on Strategies for Improving Rural Welfare, June 1971. (40 pp)

*MP 42

N. Roling; J. Ascroft

Media Use in Development.  Background Paper for the Multi-Media Conference, Nyeri. November 1971. (23 pp)

*MP 43

Macharia, (ed.)

Working Bibliography: Political Socialization and Education in Kenya. December 1971.  (10 pp)

*MP 44

C.M. Kamau

The Research for Economic Independence in Kenya.  Paper to the CODESRIA Conference, February 1971.  (37 pp).

MP 45

J.R. Harris

Urban and Industrial Deconcentration Kenya; An Analytical Framework. 1968 (11 pp)

MP 46

I. Inukai; J.A. Okelo

Rural Enterprise Survey in Nyeri District: A Report of the Consultants To Danida.  1972

*MP 47

J.H. Power

Protection and Employment: A Memorandum to the ILO Mission in Kenya. March 1972. (24 pp.)

MP 48

M. Gachuhi; F. Chege; J. Ascroft

Kirathimo Model Village of the Kenya Red Cross Society: An Evaluation Report. 1972. (112 pp)

*MP 49

D. Steele

Wages, Employment, Output and Consumption in Kenya.  May 1970 (11 pp.)

MP 50

J.F. Chege; N Roling; G.M. Ruigu

Does Extension Create Poverty in Kenya?: Research Findings and a Proposal for Action (11 pp)

MP 51

L.D. Smith; R. Von Kaufmann

An Evaluation of the Kenya Artificial Insemination Service: Draft Report, March 1971.  (60 pp)

*MP 52

D.P. Ghai

Unified Approach to Development Analysis and Planning: The Kenyan Experience: 1972. (62 pp)

MP 53

D.P. Ghai

State Trading and Regional Economic Integration Among Developing Countries 1972.  (77 pp).

*MP 54

J.T. Mukui

A Prelude to the Implementation of The 1979 Tripartite Agreement

MP 55

D. Newberry

Research Methods for Studying Agricultural Productivity in Developing Countries: Guidelines for Social Cost-Benefit Analysis of Intensive Cattle Feeding in Africa.  March 1973.  (9 pp)

* MP 56

P. Okeefe; B. Wisner

Report of a Nutrition Survey. 1971.

*MP 57

P.M. Mbithi; J. Olewe

The Spontaneous Settlement Problem in the Context of Rural Development in Kenya.  June 1973.  (Study carried out on behalf of the World Bank).

*MP 58

W. Elkan

Employment in the East African Hotel And Tourist Industries: A Survey. 1973

*MP 59

P.M. Mbithi

Ethnicity. Tribalism and the Quota System. 1973.  (16 pp)

*MP 60

J. Tobin

Output, Employment and Trade in a Small Open Economy.  November 1972. (20 pp).

*MP 61

N. Rajan

Arrangements for the Transfer of Operative Technology for Developing Countries: Progress Report Case Study of Kenya. 1973. (18 pp.)

*MP 62

J. Tobin

Choice of Technique in Economic Development.  January 1973. (18 pp.)

*MP 63

W. Elkan; R. Von Zwannenberg

How People come to Live in Towns 1973. (32 pp)

*MP 64

Institute for Development Studies

A Manual for District Planning.  June 1974.  (70 pp)

*MP 65

N. Roling; J. Kariuki; F. Chege

First Report of a Field Experiment. Bulletin 37.  Wageningen. 1973.

*MP 66

D.P. Ghai

Trade Preference for African Countries Dag Hammarskjold Foundation Lecture No. 17. 1969. (14 pp)

*MP 67

D.P. Ghai

Labour and Economic Development In Botswana.  (67 pp.)

*MP 68

D.P. Ghai

Social Science Development Research And Research Institutes in Africa. 1972

MP 69

D.P. Ghai

Integration Scheme Among Countries With Different Economic Systems: Some Trade Implication.  April 1973.

*MP 70

D.P. Ghai

Along Term Wages Policy for Botswana

*MP 71

H. Rempel

The Determinant of Rural-to-Urban Labour Migration in Kenya.

*MP 72

S.W. Almy

The Conservative Rich Man in Meru, Kenya. Paper presented at the 1974 meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology.

*MP 73
*MP 74

N. Roling
J.D. Von Pischke

Forgotten Farmers in Kenya.  March 1974. (13 pp) November 1973. (198 pp) Smallholder Agriculture Credit Programmes and Performance in Kenya

MP 74a

J.D. Von Pischke

Smallholder Agricultural credit Programmes and Performance in Kenya. January. 1974 (6 pp).

MP 74 b

J.D. Von Pischke

Farm Credit in Kenya: the Poor Farmer Paradox.  September 1973. (75 pp)

*MP 75

M. Cowen

Patterns of Cattle Ownership and Dairy Production: 1900-1965. 1973

*MP 76

J. Moikobu

A Study of Woodley Estates. 1970. (184 pp)

MP 77

K.H. Laubstein

The Organization and Administration Of Physical Planning in Kenya.

*MP 78

H. Colebatch

Rural Services and Self-help. 1973.

*MP 79

J.R. Nellis

Expatriates in the Government of Kenya.

*MP 80

F. Hay

Memorandum Prepared for the Select Committee on the Maize Industry. 1972.

*MP 81

E.M. Godfrey

Enrolment, Intake and Output of Kenya’s Technical Training Institutes - 1970, 1971, 1972 and projections to 1977. 1972

*MP 82

G. Alibaruho

Output and Income Response to Marketing Board Pricing Policy in Uganda’s Cotton Industry. 1974.

*MP 83

J. Miller

Effects of Devaluation: Estimated Decreases in sales by Kenya Manufacturers.  1967.

*MP 84

M. Cowen

Notes on Capital Class and Household Production.

*MP 85

J.W. McKee

Industrial Protection in the Republic of Kenya. Thesis Draft. 1968

*MP 86

J.W. McKee

Trade and Industrial Development.  A Selection of Papers and Statistical Tables Prepared in Kenya During the Period 1968. July 1968.

*MP 87

L.D. Smith

The Biscuit and Pasta Product Industries in Kenya.  October 1968. (41 pp)

*MP 88

M.C. Latham

The Relationship of Nutrition and Health to Worker Productivity and Roundworm Implications in Pre-school Children. April 1976. World Bank Project. 670-26 (13 pp)

MP 89

S.E. Migot Adholla

Some Sociological Aspects of Family Law in Kenya.  February 1974.

*MP 90

C.O. Okidi

The Task of Research in Environmental Law in African Universities.  (Paper Prepared for the workshop on Environmental Education and Research in African Universities at Kenyatta Conference Centre.  December 3-9, 1978).

*MP 91

M. Cowen

Capital and Peasant Households. 1976.

MP 92

B. Wisner

Report on Rendille Settlements at Songa Marsabit. 1972.

*MP 93

B. Wisner; P.M. Mbithi

Kenya drought study.  Kina Site Sub-project Preliminary report No. 1.  Interview Survey: Some descriptive and analytical results. 972

*MP 94

C.O. Okidi

Tourism and the Marine Resources in Kenya.

*MP 95

R.H.L. Feldman

A Social Psychological Approach to Nutrition Education Utilizing Ethnographic and Experimental Methods.

*MP 96

O.N. Gakuru

Pre-primary Education in Kenya

*MP 97

O.N. Gakuru

The Status of Early Childhood Education in Kenya.

*MP 98

O. Aseto; S.E. Migot-Adholla; B.A. Ateng, et al

Factors affecting Public Sector Salaries Policy in Kenya.  Nairobi, University of Nairobi. 1980. 165 pp.

*MP 99

M. Wanjiku

The Geographical and Ecological Basis To Development in Kenya.  A Bio-Economic Perspective. April 1978.

*MP 100

P.M. Mbithi

Two Progress reports and provisional Recommendations arising from a joint Study of drought in Kenya. 1972.

MP 101

J.A. Okelo

Rural Enterprise Survey in Kakamega District, Kenya: A Report of the Consultant To Danida. November 1973. (112 pp)

*MP 102

S.B.O. Gutto

“Some Legal Aspects of the Peasantry and Social Classes in Kenya: The Debate Must Continue. June 1979.  (40 pp.)

*MP 103

F. Holmquist

Matunwa Farmers Co-operative Society And the Co-operative Farming Experiment In Kisii District: a Report to the Kisii District Agricultural Committee. July 1971.

MP 104

M. Cowen

Wattle Production in the Central Province: Capital and Household Commodity Production, 1903-1964. July 1975

*MP 105

M. Godfrey

Training in Kenya: Need versus Effective Demand. 1975

MP 106

J. Metson

A Base Line Survey for the Evaluation of the Foot and Mouth Disease Control Programme in Narok and Kajiado Districts 1975 (67 pp)

*MP 107

S.D. Minto; S.B. Westley

Low-Cost Rural Equipment Suitable for Manufacture in East Africa (82 pp).

*MP 108

C.O. Okidi

Coastal State Jurisdiction over the Territorial Sea and The Exclusive Economic Zone Under the Unclos. II. Draft Convention Workshop held at Nyali Beach Hotel, Mombasa - Kenya 25th - 30th October 1981

*MP 109


An Interim Report on the Paper, Packaging and Printing Industries. 1967


I. Inukai

The Kenya Village Polytechnic Programme A Report by an Evaluation Mission of the Government and the Norwegian Agency for International Development.  1974. (75 pp.)

MP 111

G.M. Ruigu

Some Aspects of Employment on Smallholder Farms in Selected Areas of Kenya. June 1971

MP 112

D.P. Ghai

Economic Independence in Africa

MP 113

R. Chambers

The Special Rural Development Programme Planning and Replication: Evaluation Report No. 2. December 1970.

MP 114

R. Chambers

Balance of Payments Effects of Private Foreign Manufacturing Investment in Kenya: A Preliminary Paper.

MP 115

R. Chambers

Banana Marketing in Kenya

*MP 116

R. Chambers

Integrated Framework for Project Appraisal in the Asal Pre-Investment Survey area in Baringo District

MP 117

D. Brokensha

Tharaka Notes 1971 (21 pp.)

MP 118

B. Abdalla; D. Brokesha and M. Brokensha

Kwale S.R.D.P. Notes. 1971 (19 pp)

MP 119

W. Law

The Employment and Income History of a House Servant in Nairobi. 1971 (10 pp.)

MP 120

M. Holm

Enterprises in their Socio-Cultural Environment: A Study of Locally Initiated Small Enterprises and Non-Farm Activities in Small Towns in Kenya. A Project Proposal. 1994 (14 pp.) November

MP 121

D. McCormick and P.O. Pedersen

Small Enterprises: Flexibility and Networking in an African Context. 1996 (365 pp.) Pbk

MP 122

G.M. Ruigu

Seed Industry in Kenya: Evolution, Current Status and Prospectus.  1988. (169 pp.)(IVO Research Report No. 31) pbk

MP 123


IDS - Master of Arts in Development Studies:(M.A. Development Studies) Regulations and Syllabus. January 2001 (23 pp.) Pbk

MP 124

P.O. Alila (eds) and Pedersen

Negotiating  Social Space: East African Micro Enterprises.   2001, (353 pp. ) pbk.

MP 125

P.O. Alila; W.V. Mitullah and A.W. Kamau

Street Vendors Handbook: Policies, Regulations and organisational Capacity of Women Street Vendors in Kenya. 2002 (36 pp) Pbk

MP 126

D. McCormick and C. Rogerson (eds)

Clothing and Footwear in African Industrialisation. 2004 (646 pp) Pbk.

MP 127

K. Kanyinga and W. Mitullah

The Non-Profit Sector in Kenya: What we know and what we don’t know; Popular Version. 2007 (24 pp) Pbk

MP 128

K. Kanyinga na W. Mitullah

Sekta Isiyo ya Kibiashara Nchini Kenya: Toleo Pendelevu 2007 (24 pp) Pbk Tunayojua na Tusiyojua;

MP 129

K. Kanyinga; W. Mitullah and S. Njagi

The Non-Profit Sector in Kenya: Size, Scope and Financing. 2007 (47 pp) Pbk  

MP 130

D. McCormick; P.O. Alila and M. Omosa (eds)

Business in Kenya: Institutions and Interactions. 2007. (360 pp) Pbk

MP 131

M. Omosa; G.R. Njeru E. Ontita & Oriare Nyarwath

Theory and Practice of Governance in Kenya:  Towards Civic Engagement. 2006. (110 pp) Pbk

MP 132

P. Wanyande; M. Omosa & L.Chweya [eds]

Governance and Transition Politics in Kenya and related Countries in Africa 2007.  (325pp) Pbk

MP 133

C.O. Okidi; Kameri – Mbote

Environmental Governance in Kenya: Implementing the Framework Law. 2008 (554pp) Pbk

MP 134

P.O. Alila; J.M. Njoka (eds)

Child Labour: New and Enduring Forms from an African Development Policy Perspective. 2009 (173 pp) Pbk

MP 135

D. McCormick; J.A. Kuzilwa; T. Gebre-Egeziabher  (eds)

Industrialising Africa in the Era of Globalisation: Challenges to Clothing and Footwear. 2009 (283pp) Pbk

MP 136

K. Kanyinga; D. Okello (eds)

Tensions and Reversals in Democratic Transitions:  The Kenya 2007 General Elections.  2010 (724pp)

MP 137

Jama, Mohamud; Atieno, Rosemary; Onjala, Joseph

Report on the Status of Pastoralists: Pastoral Populations. 2010 (48pp) Pbk

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