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Economic, International Processes and Development Projects

  • Project Title: Kenya Transport Research Network (KTRN)

    The Kenya Transport Research Network (KTRN) was formed in May 2015 after the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) long engagement with transport issues with the support of development partners. Of particular mention are the FIA Foundation and the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF) that funded the IDS to provide support to the Ministry of transport and to be part of a consortium of three African universities establishing the African Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Studies in Public and Non-Motorised Transport (ACET), respectively. The long term engagement with researchers, policymakers and practitioners revealed a gap in transport research and practice in Africa. Transport challenges, in particular public transport, were increasing in the midst of rapid urban growth, while there were few scholars working on transport issues. This triggered the need to attract more scholars, policymakers and practitioners into transport research, dissemination and dialogue through a network.

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