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Hivos SRHR Project Close-out

The Institute for Development Studies (IDS), University of Nairobi, with funding from the Hivos Southern Africa Regional SRHR Fund, undertook a research project that focused on the

Climate change in Kenya: Evaluation of the knowledge among Kenyan university students and their willingness to adopt individual mitigation measures

The main goal of this research was to determine what Kenyan university students know about climate change in Kenya and the personal mitigation actions they were prepared to take. Additionally, the study was to establish what influences their knowledge about climate change, and about the knowledge on environmental benefits had on the environmental-friendly behaviours they were willing to adopt. The research shows that the more students know about climate change, the more actions they also do at present.

Informal workers' participation in Kenya's National health Insurance scheme: A case of urban petty traders

Presently, there is a global push to extend health insurance to informal workers in developing countries. In Kenya, for instance, the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has taken measures to provide health insurance coverage to informal sector workers through a voluntary contributory scheme. However, the uptake and retention of these workers in the scheme is low. This raises the question: how are institutional mechanisms and processes affecting participation of informal workers in the scheme?

Health Insurance and the pursuit of 'health care for all' in Kenya

Central to its commitment to achieving 'universal health coverage' for all its citizens, the Kenya government continues to promote the expansion of national health insurance, NHIF, to include the informal sector, free maternal healthcare, and health insurance subsidies for the vulnerable populations. Additionally, the government promises a more equitable and inclusive health system and financial protection, a move that invites citizens to feel entitled to healthcare access and welfare.

Devolution in Kenya: Strengthening Human Resources and Administrative Structures

Submitted by wnyukuri on March 16, 2021

The creation of county governments following Constitution of Kenya 2010 meant that the new
units had to put in place systems to manage their human resources and other administrative
functions for effective service delivery. This policy brief sheds light on some of the issues that
counties should focus on so as to strengthen systems for human resources and administrative
structures in their areas of jurisdiction.

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