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Presentation Title Presenter Presentation Date View Presentation
Is the Kenyan Democracy Working? Views from AB Survey Gedion Onyango 03-2023 Presentation
Political Economy Analysis of Devolution in Kenya: An overview of issues Karuti Kanyinga 03-2023 Presentation
devolution-and-inclusive-citizenship-in-kenya Paul Kamau 02-2023 Presentation
Public Debt, Sustainability, and Citizens in Kenya Paul Kamau 04-2023 Presentation
FASS Research, Innovation and Enterprise: An Overview Karuti Kanyinga 03-2023 Presentation
Tackling gender-based violence and sexual harassment in the public transport sector: the role of key actors Anne Kamau and Tessa Wright 05-2023 Presentation
Cash transfers for the elderly: how promising is this for Kenya's future social protection systems? Anne Kamau and John Gachigi 02-2023 Presentation
Collaboration for Active Mobility in Africa (CAMA): Partnerships for sustainable solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa Winnie Mitullah and Anne Kamau 03-2023 Presentation
Kenya after 2010 What has changed? What is not Changing Paul Kamau 03-2023 Presentation
Adolescents and young people's health and NCDsThe role of health care system Anne Kamau 03-2023 Presentation
Research, Innovation and Enterprise Situation An overview Karuti Kanyinga 03-2023 Presentation
Climate Views: Perceptions on Climate Change in Kenya Laura Barasa 03-2023 Presentation
Introduction to Afrobarometer surveys Paul Kamau 10-2022 Presentation
Colonial Legacies & Gender Equity in Kenyan Coffee Erika Koss 08-2022 Presentation
Kenya Devolution Programme Timiza Ugatuzi Public perception survey George Michuki 09-2022 Presentation
Gender and civic engagement Paul Kamau 10-2022 Presentation
Rethinking Funding of universities in Africa: Crises and opportunities Karuti Kanyinga 09-2022 Presentation
Political affiliation and preferred candidate Paul Kamau 10-2022 Presentation
Economy & Bottom Up Model Paul Kamau 10-2022 Presentation
Kenya perception survey draft report July 2022 George Michuki 10-2022 Presentation
Making Nairobi Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Socially Just Anne Kamau 07-2022 Presentation
The Politics of VET: An Historical Safari via Kenneth King Kenneth King 11-2022 Presentation
VET teaching and learning: innovation in marginalised and resource poor contexts The VET Africa 4.0 Collective Jo-Anna Russon 06-2021 Presentation
Survival, Learning and Capabilities Development - Case Studies of East African Social Enterprises Radha and Wamalwa 09-2021 Presentation
Political Economy of Kenya and the 2022 general election Karuti Kanyinga 11-2021 Presentation
Governing solar electronic-waste recycling in Kenya Paul Kamau 12-2021 Presentation
Post-Consumption in Global Value Chains: Lead Firms Involvement in E-Waste Management in the Off-Grid Solar Market in Kenya Kamau, Wamalwa 12-2021 Presentation
Sustainability and Social License to Operate: A case of Communities in Mining Areas in Kwale County Linda Were 08-2020 Presentation
Media Monitoring Report on Governance Issues 1st January to 31st March 2020 George Michuki 10-2020 Presentation
Global Competitiveness Report -2020 Paul Kamau 02-2020 Presentation
Media Monitoring Report on Governance Issues 1st to 31st October 2019 George Michuki 11-2019 Presentation
Views Of Kenyans on Socio-political And Economic Developments In The Country George Michuki 11-2019 Presentation
Mainstream Media (TV, Radio & Print) Report 22nd July to 20th August 2019 George Michuki 10-2019 Presentation
The 2010 Constitution of Kenya The challenge of implementation Karuti Kanyinga 09-2013 Presentation
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