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Indimuli, R., Torm, N., Mitullah, W., Riisgaard, L., and Kamau, A. (2023).

Informal workers and Kenya‟s National Hospital Insurance Fund: Identifying barriers to voluntary participation. International Social Security Review, Vol. 76, 1/2023.


Raphael Indimuli, Mitullah Winnie, Nina Torm, Lone Riisgaard and Anne Kamau, 2023.

Identifying Barriers to Informal Workers Voluntary Participation in Kenya’s National Insurance Scheme’, in International Social Security Review, Vol 76, p 79 – 107.


Hassan, R., Nathan, I., & Kanyinga, K. (2022).

Will community rights secure pastoralists’ access to land? The Community Land Act in Kenya and its implications for Samburu pastoralists. The Journal of Peasant Studies, 1-22.


Kinoti, J., Kamau, A., & Moloo, P. (2022).

Determinants of Sexual Behaviours among Adolescents Living With HIV and Aids in Nairobi, Kenya. Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review 38(2), 1-24. doi:10.1353/eas.2022.0005.


Raphael Indimuli, Lone Riisgaard, Mitullah, W and Anne Kamau, 2022

Understanding Inactive Membership in Voluntary Scheme: A Case Study of Micro Traders in Kenya’, in Development Policy Review, Vol 41 Issue 1.


Upadhyaya, R. (2022).

When Things Don’t Fall Apart By Ilene Grabel. The Journal of Development Studies, 38 (12), 2624–2625.


Hansen, Ulrich E. Tobias Reinauer, Paul Kamau & Herbert Wamalwa. 2022.

Managing e-waste from off-grid solar systems in Kenya: Do investors have a role to play? Energy for Sustainable Development, Vol. 69, pp. 31-40.


Memiah, P., Nkinda, l., Majigo, M., Humwa, F., Haile, Z., Muthoka, K., Zuheri, A., Kamau, A., Ochola, L., & Buluku, G. (2021).

Mental health symptoms and inflammatory markers among HIV infected patients in Tanzania. BMC Public Health volume 21 (1113): 1113.


Odhiambo, F., & Upadhyaya, R. (2021a).

Flexible Loans and Access to Agricultural Credit for Smallholder Farmers in Kenya. Agricultural Finance Review, 81(3), 328-359.


Ezeoha Abel Ebeh, Akinyinka Akinyoade, Ifediora Amobi, Ogbuagu Ekumankama, Paul Kamau, Agnieszka Kazimierczuk, Catherine Mukoko, Ifeanyi Okoye, Chibuike Uche. 2021

Multinationals, Capital Export, and the Inclusive Development Debate in Developing Countries: The Nigerian Insight. The European Journal of Development Research. EUDR-D-21-00085R3


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Election technology, disputes, and political violence in Kenya. Journal of Asian and African Studies. 56 (3), pp: 558-571. (


Paul Kamau and Wambui Wamuthenya. 2021.

“Accounting for the Gender Gap in Youth Unemployment in Africa: The Case of Kenya”. African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) Research Paper 429 (April 2021). Available from the link


Memiah, P., Kamau, A., Opanga, Y., Muhula, S., Nyakeriga, E., Humwa, F., Cook, C., Kingori, C., & Muriithi, J. (2020).

Using Friendship Ties to Understand the Prevalence of, and Factors Associated With, Intimate Partner Violence Among Adolescents and Young Adults in Kenya: Cross-Sectional, Respondent-Driven Survey Study. Interactive journal of medical research, 9(4), e19023.


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Is National Government a Threat to Devolved System of Governance in Kenya? Journal of Public Policy and Administration Research, Vol. 10, Issue 7, 2020; Pp 43 - 51


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Mapping HIV/AIDS High Risk and Vulnerable People in Communities’ Most at Risk Population. International Journal of Innovative Research & Development, Vol. 9, Issue 5, 2020; Pp 123 – 130


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Entrepreneurial Capabilities of Successful Firms: A Study of Small and Medium-scale Equipment Manufacturers in Nairobi, Kenya. International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development. 12 (3), 169-190 DOI 10.1504/IJTLID.2020.10033553


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How do food processing firms in Kenya learn? Empirical insights from potato processing in Nairobi. DBA Africa Management Review10(5), 79-96.


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Community Health Workers Volunteerism and Task-Shifting: Lessons from Malaria Control and Prevention Implementation Research in Malindi, Kenya. American Journal of Sociological Research 9(1): 1-8. DOI: 10.5923/j.sociology.20190901.01.


Kibe L.W, Habluetzed A, Kamau A, Gachigi J, Mwangangi J, Mutero C, and Mbogo C (2019).

Low awareness and misconceptions of immature mosquito stages hinders community participation in integrated vector management in Malindi, Kenya. Journal of Public Health and Diseases, 2(2), pp. 7-17.


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Devolution in Kenya: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Journal of Public Policy and Administration Research, Vol. 9, Issue 6, 2019; Pp 9 - 21


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The role of networks in determining usage of community currencies in Kenya. Area Development and Policy. 4(2), 201-216.


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Supplying Domestic Markets? Identifying Entry Barriers for Food Processors to Supermarkets in Kenya. Scientific African Journal Vol. 6 (2019). No. e00189.


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‘Elections Without Constitutionalism: Votes, Violence, and Democracy Gaps in Africa.’ African Journal of Democracy and Development, Vol.5. No. 4, pp 147-168


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Entrepreneurial Leadership Competencies in 21st Century: An Empirical Assessment. DBA Africa Management Review, Vol 8 No.2, 2018 pp 1-17


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The CEO’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Journey: The Motivations, Turning Points and the Attendant Challenges. DBA Africa Management Review, Vol 8 No.2, 2018 pp 84 – 100


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Behaviour Change Communication in Health Promotion: Appropriate Practices and Promising Approaches. International Journal of Innovative Research & Development, Vol. 7, Issue 9, 2018; Pp 84 - 93


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Barriers to Uptake and Use of Added Value Mobile Money Products by the Lesser off Segments in Kenya. International Journal of Innovative Research & Development, Vol. 7, Issue6, 2018; Pp 145 – 155


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Understanding Hate Speech in Kenya. Journal of New Media and Mass Communication, Vol. 69, 2018; Pp 43 – 49


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Media and Environmental Awareness in Kenya: A Case of Tv. Journal of New Media and Mass Communication, Vol 67, 2018, Pp 1 - 6



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From Exclusion to Inclusion: Integration of Kenya Sign Language during Television Newscasts in Kenya. Journal of Literature, Languages and Linguistics, Vol. 42, 2018, Pp. 35 - 62


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Social Capital as a Coping Mechanism for Women Small Scale Traders in The informal Economy in Nairobi, Kenya. Journal of Social Welfare and Human Rights. 6:1. PP. 12 -20 (June 2018)


Kibe Lydiah W., Habluetzel, A., Gachigi, J., Kamau, A., and Mbogo, C (2017).

Exploring communities‟ and health workers‟ perceptions of indicators and drivers of malaria decline in Malindi, Kenya. MalariaWorld Journal, 8(21):1-10.

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