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IDS, D4GA Represented at The East African Civil Society Summit 2024 in Arusha

Douglas at the Summit in Arusha

IDS, D4GA Represented at The East African Civil Society Summit 2024 in Arusha

Douglas M. Wanja, the East Africa Coordinator, Data for Governance Alliance-Africa Project, is representing the Institute for Development Studies, UON, and the Data for Governance Alliance - Africa project at the East African Civil Society Summit 2024 in Arusha between 18 and 21 April. 

Theme of the Summit: Harnessing EA citizens potential and participation in Regional Integration Processes.

Sub Theme: Technology advancements to resolve climate change challenges and ensure food security.

Douglas will be driving the panel discussion on Climate Change and Agriculture: Agribusiness as the Backbone of East African Community; and using evidence from what African people say through data collected by Afrobarometer and evidence from researchers at the Institute for Development Studies-UON.

The Guiding Questions include:

1. What collective measures exist to address the climate change calamity across the East African Region?

2. How can we utilize technology to address the current climate change challenges to ensure food security in the future?

3. What solutions exist to support citizens to mitigate and survive the rising food prices?

4. What are the Youth Initiatives in addressing climate change challenges?


The overall objective of the Data for Governance Alliance Project is to strengthen the implementation of the African Union African Governance Architecture’s democracy, governance and human rights agenda by:

Promoting data collection, collation, and access

Building skills in data use and data-based advocacy for citizens and CSOs

Facilitating more effective collaboration between African citizens and CSOs on the one hand, and African Governance Platform member institutions on the other.

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