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AMID Meet-Up Event

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AMID Meet-Up Event

AMID Young Professional is a collaborative training and research program between Radboud University in the Netherlands, and the Institute for Development Studies (IDS), University of Nairobi. It is now five years since the University of Nairobi and Radboud University entered into a partnership to undertake training in AMID, PhD Training and Research. The trainees from the AMID Young Professional Programme graduate with a master’s degree from the Radboud University after one year. For more information, visit

It’s been four years since we started transforming our AMID Young Professional program into an online international study program, opening our doors to young professionals across the world. Since that time, 44 young professionals living and working outside the Netherlands have been participating in our traineeship program together with trainees based in the Netherlands (This program has been running in the Netherlands for 26 years since 1996.) All of them working in 35 different organisations in India, Nigeria, Tanzania, DRC, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Senegal and, of course, Kenya; the country where we started this change process together with the Institute of Development Studies of the University of Nairobi.   

On Saturday, April 20th, 2024 the first AMID Young Professional meetup event in Nairobi was held. This event had the AMID Alumni, staff, current trainees, and representatives from organisations. The event was also attended by the AMID director Prof. Sara Kinsbergen together with Lida Derks,  Director of  Radboud Centrum Sociale Wetenschappen (RCSW) alongside the AMID staff who work in Kenya.

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