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Governing solar electronic waste recycling in Kenya

IDS Role:

IDS will be in charge of work package 2 (WP2) which addresses research question 1 of the project:

RQ 1) How and to what extent are the leading suppliers of solar systems currently involved in the collection and recycling of SEW? The following are the specific questions:

How are value chains for OGS devices structured and governed, including the flow of solar products throughout the value chain?

What are the most appropriate SEW management schemes for the lead firms?

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to a circular economy by developing a more sustainable model of market development for OGS devices in Kenya and SSA. This will be achieved by conducting research aimed at identifying appropriate schemes for the collection, handling and recycling of SEW. The project is designed to advance relevant research capacity in Kenya and will provide a platform for developing a local hub of expertise for SEW both for the researches and the private companies involved.  

The research will be guided by the overall question of how the emerging market for OGS devices can move toward a sustainable pathway in Kenya. The project will analyse the role of the key actors involved along the value chain, including OGS lead firms, households and the local repair economy, in relation to the end-of-life stage for OGS products and SEW materials. This analytical focus will allow end-user behaviour and waste disposal to be integrated into the GVC framework (Hansen and Nygaard, 2020). The main scientific results will be a contribution to advance the international GVC research frontier with special focus on EnvU in polycentric value chains. The main scientific outputs will be in the form of 6 co-authored papers, which will be presented at international conferences, and published in leading international peer-reviewed journals.


Project Lead / PI:
Dr. Paul Kamau
Senior Research Fellow

Project team

Project contacts

Dr. Paul Kamau | Email

Donor / Funded by

DANIDA Fellowship Centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark. Project No. 20-M07DTU

More Information about the project:

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Collaboration nature of the project:

The project brings together IDS and the following institutions:

Technical University of Denmark,

Kenyatta University,



Stena Recycling,

Recykla International.

Project Thematic Pillar:
Climate change, natural resources, environmental management, and development
Project Sub-theme:
Circular economy in Development
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