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The Institute for Development Studies (IDS), University of Nairobi, offers facilities and opportunities for academic interaction with scholars from other universities who come to or are resident in East Africa.  Preference is given to social scientists with research interests that are closely related to the current research priorities of the Institute.


Persons planning to conduct such research in Kenya may associate formally with the Institute Kenya may associate formally with the Institute as Research Associates.  The minimum period of association is six months.  Many projects take up to three years, depending on the nature of the research.  The services provided by IDS under such association include:

  1. Use of IDS Library
  2. Office space, if available
  3. Access to the IDS postgraduate computer facilities.
  4. Access to photocopying and data processing services at University rates
  5. Informal contact with IDS staff
  6. Opportunities to present papers in the IDS seminar series
  7. Advice on local research conditions and approaches (Note that pre-doctoral students are usually assigned to work with a specific IDS staff member who can guide them in this regard).
  8. PhD candidates will have to get a letter from their Supervisor/Head of Department indicating that they are in agreement with incorporatiting  IDS faculty in applicants panel of supervisor, while conducting research in Kenya.


Research Associates will be expected to undertake the following during the period of association:

  1. Prepare and present a minimum of two IDS Working Papers.  The first paper is normally a review of literature, research design/methodology, and preliminary research
  2. Teach, as requested, in the Institute’s postgraduate programme in Development Studies.
  3. Submit to the Director of IDS a report on research accomplishments during the period of association.  This report should be received within 60 days of the end of the period of association.
  4. Comply with all University and Government of Kenya regulations concerning the conduct of research in Kenya.
  5. Give due acknowledgement of any assistance received from the Institute in any publications based on research conducted during the period of association.
  6. Provide the Institute with two copies of publications emanating from the research (These are in addition to copies required to be submitted to the Government of Kenya).
  7. Pay the required association fee to the University of Nairobi


Application of Research Associateship should be sent to the Director, Institute for Development Studies.


Application Procedure

Application to Director, IDS, enclosing:

  1. Letter requesting affiliation with IDs for purposes of research.
  2. Research proposal of 10-15 pages, including theoretical framework, literature review, objectives, methodology, and work plan.
  3. Two letters of recommendation from academic referees familiar with applicant’s project.


Review of Application and Appointment

A committee within IDS reviews all applications and makes a recommendation to the Director, based on the quality of the proposed research and the relevance of the topic to the research priorities of the Institute.  The Director then requests the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Production and Extension), University of Nairobi, to appoint the applicant as a Research Associate in IDS.  An applicant whose request for affiliation is accepted will be notified in writing and sent Government of Kenya forms on which to apply for authorization to conduct research.



Once the letter of appointment has been issued, the applicant will pay the associate fee to the Finance Office, University of Nairobi, and file a copy to the receipt with the Office of the Director, IDS.  The current associate fee is Ksh.6,000.


Application to the Ministry of Education Government of Kenya

An application for a research permit to conduct research in Kenya must be submitted in five (5) copies to the National Council for Science and Technology, Nairobi.  The research clearance application forms must be accompanied by the following:

  1. Application fee (see current amount below)
  2. Comprehensive curriculum vitae of all the applicants (5 copies)
  3. A comprehensive project proposal (5 copies).
  4. A letter from the sponsor, if any (5 copies) (sponsor is the person or body providing primary financial and or material support towards the project).
  5. A copy of applicant’s passport
  6. Three (3) current passport-size photographs of the applicant(s) duly endorsed by the sponsor or referee.

Following receipt to the research permit from the National Council for Science and Technology, the applicant notifies the Director of IDS and encloses a copy.


Immigration Status

Non-Kenyan who are not already resident in Kenya must obtain a Student’s Pass from the office responsible for Immigration, Government of Kenya.  A copy of the pass must be filed in the Office of the Director, IDS. Forms are available from the Office of the Registrar (Admissions), University of Nairobi.


Payable to Government of Kenya

Non-refundable research application fees payable to the Executive Secretary, National Council for Science and Technology, by the applicant(s) in US Dollars (US$) cash or equivalent in Kenya Shillings (Kshs).

  1. Research (Academic) Ph.D – US$400
  2. Research (Individual/Post-Doctoral) – US$500
  3. Research (Institution) – US$1,000
  4. Research (Private Companies) – US$10,000
  5. Extensions – Half of the rate concerned

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