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Complementary options to development of underdevelopment: Lessons from the use of community currencies in Kenya - Policy brief

Governments and non-governmental organizations around the world have embraced community
or complementary currencies (CCs) as tools of poverty reduction, environmental protection
and promotion of social solidarity. Community Currencies are best viewed as a financial
innovation to assist local-level development and are seen as a new age poverty-reduction
strategy. Popular CCs include: FureaiKippu (Japan), Red De Turque (Argentina), Ithaca Hours
(United States), Bristol Pounds (United Kingdom) and Chiemgauer (Germany).

Devolution in Kenya: Strengthening Systems for Public Participation- Policy brief

The Kenyan legal framework obligates the national and county governments to involve the
people in the decision making process. To achieve this ideal, county governments are required
to establish structures to facilitate citizen participation in their operations. This policy brief sheds
light on some of the issues that counties should focus on so as to institutionalize and strengthen
systems for public participation in county decision making processes.

Devolution in Kenya: Strengthening Systems for Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting- Policy brief

To track progress in service delivery and inform decision making, counties are required to
create systems for monitoring, evaluation and reporting. This policy brief sheds light on some
issues that counties should focus on to strengthen their monitoring, evaluation and reporting

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Devolution in Kenya: Strengthening Human Resources and Administrative Structures - Policy brief

The creation of county governments following Constitution of Kenya 2010 meant that the new
units had to put in place systems to manage their human resources and other administrative
functions for effective service delivery. This policy brief sheds light on some of the issues that
counties should focus on so as to strengthen systems for human resources and administrative
structures in their areas of jurisdiction.

Post-COVID-19 reconstruction and 2021 Climate Action. Which way for CSOs? Blog

Throughout Africa, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), have played a central role in promoting climate change issues. Even before the “buy in” by African governments, CSOs had already consolidated an advocacy campaign for governments and international community to begin formulation and implementation of relevant policies on climate change. However, the Corona Virus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19) has impacted on the actions and policies of all development actors in unprecedented manner.

IDS to Celebrate 55th Founding Day with Conference Series

The Institute for Development Studies (IDS), University of Nairobi, will celebrate its 55-year Anniversary with a series of conferences that will feature presentations by leading scholars and researchers on development issues.

The Institute, which was established on October 8, 1965 as part of the then University of East Africa, has carried out research on issues of development concern to Kenya and Africa, collaborating with partners globally to produce knowledge and to influence policy and practice.