The Africaknows! it Is Time to Decolonise Minds Conference

February 2, 2:00 pm

Dear Colleagues, students and friends of IDS.

I would like to invite you to the Africaknows Conference that is currently ongoing. The Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi together with African Studies Center, Leiden and Department of Development Geography, University of Bonn are jointly coordinating Panel E30  on ‘Future Trends, Grand Challenges, and Politics of Anticipation in Africa (and the role of Interdisciplinary studies in Africa’  to be held on Tuesday 2nd February 2021 at 2 -6 PM (EAT).  Dr. Paul Kamau (IDS-University of Nairobi), Prof. Detlef Müller-Mahn (DDG - University of Bonn) and Dr. Juliet Kamau (ZEF- University of Bonn) are the conveners of this Panel.  

During the session, our two professors Prof Okidi and Prof. Njuguna Ng’ethe, together with Mr. Samuel Kiiru, will be presenting their papers.

This is to cordially invite you to participate in this Conference. Registration Fee for your participation have been waived.


In recent years, Africa’s universities, research institutions and other knowledge agencies have undergone tremendous change. Growing demand for scientific forms of knowledge and for higher education has pushed many of them to expand rapidly and to show a combination of daring initiatives and institutional, scientific, and educational creativity. New knowledge organizations have also been established, for example, with ties to religious groups or to the private sector. ‘Decolonizing the academy’ has become a strong call within and outside the continent. Eurocentrism is increasingly questioned, while calls for ‘looking East’ and ‘looking inside Africa’ are gaining momentum.

This conference, the final activity in 2020 of the Leiden African Studies Assembly, is organized with many partners from Africa and Europe and addresses the following key issues:

  • There are great changes in the African knowledge landscape: is Africa preparing itself for leapfrogging to innovations?
  • What will the nascent multi-polar world of the 21st century mean for Africa’s role in knowledge and innovation?
  • After 60 years of Independence, how do we finally decolonize the minds and change attitudes towards real co-creation?

Registration instructions

It is a requirement that a participant registers ahead of the meeting (possibly before Tuesday) to benefit from the 50€ waiver.

Kindly follow the instructions below to register:

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in your details as required
  3. Where it indicates ‘fee of 50€’, select the drop-down option and fill in “guest of panel 30”
  4. Submit

To access the panel discussions

  1. Log in on (the yellow button on the top right-hand side of the screen)
  2. Point on Programme to see the Panels option
  3. Select Panels option
  4. Scroll down to Panel E30 ‘Future Trends, grand challenges, and politics of anticipation in Africa (and the role of interdisciplinary studies in Africa)
  5. Click on ‘Enter Virtual room’

Note that you need to be logged in on the website with your email and password that you used during registration. You will be able to visit any forthcoming panels and download all papers on the website.

We do appreciate your support to our colleagues. The discussions will be chaired by Dr. Kamau and our student Naomy Wanga will be a discussant in the panel.

Kind regards,



Institute for Development Studies (IDS).

University of Nairobi