IDS and JICA to host forum on mobility and mass transit systems

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Tue, 2017-09-12 10:47

The Institute for Development Studies- Kenya Transport Research Network (KTRN) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will hold a joint forum on 20th September 2017 for discussions on improvement of mobility and mass transit systems in Kenya. The event will take place at the JICA Kenya Offices from 2.00pm.

The results of the ongoing JICA Study Team (JST) on `Detailed Planning of Integrated Transport System and Loop Line in the Nairobi Urban Core’ will be presented at the Forum. The study aims at shedding light on the importance of transportation planning in Kenya as a precursor to public transport management and coordination.

Public transport is an essential service in the development process of a nation. For a developing country city, like Nairobi, where most people do not own private automobiles, public transport plays an important role in mobility and movement of people and goods.

Unfortunately, public transport in Nairobi is faced with various problems and challenges that result in inefficiency of the system and deterioration of public transport services. The main causes of these problems include: inadequacy and poor maintenance of existing public transport infrastructure; concentration of economic activities, employment, and other activities within the Central Business District (CBD) and Industrial areas of the city. This results in high volumes of people and goods moving to the CBD; inadequate supply of public transport services to meet the increasing demand; and poor traffic management and integration of various modes of public transport.

KTRN was formed in May 2015 after IDS long engagement with transport issues through Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF) supported research and realization of a gap in transport research. A collaboration of IDS and Columbia University VREF funded project on ‘Re-imagining Nairobi: A policy network approach’ rolled out the establishment of the network.  One of the goals of the project included developing a strong transport research network in Kenya and providing a forum for dissemination of research outputs and exchange of ideas.

Thus KTRN was launched to nurture young scholars into transport research, and to link with actors in policy and practice. The network focuses on Motorised and Non-Motorised Transport. KTRN at its formation had 16 members and currently has a membership of over 50 active participants with many more expressing interest to join. The members are drawn from Columbia University, the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Technical University of Kenya, Multimedia University, Digital Matatus, Matatu Owners Association, ITDP and JICA (JST) among others.

The network is based at the Institute for Development Studies and is coordinated by Dr Anne Kamau, a Research Fellow at the Institute.



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